First forum rumors about the next Olympus Fourthirds camera…


A dpreview forum user just wrote this:

Just got back from PMA Melbourne. Spoke to 2 olympus reps.
Both confirmed olympus commitment to DSLR and Lens production.

One rep told me there is a pro spec DSLR on the way. It will use the PEN TruePic V
“and a few other surprises that will make it quite a remarkable camera”
I was told an announcement is due at photokina 2010.

I went to the show looking for an oly alternative, but after some discussion and a play with the super pro lens line up, im happy to stick with olympus. (Cause i didnt want to change systems anyway,)

Normally we don’t post rumors like this but in that case our sources do confirm that the informations are correct. As we told you on 43urmors the camera will have some “modular tuch” :)


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