Final E-P5 review by Robin Wong and Techradar. New Panasonic lens reviews by ThePhoBlographer.


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New Olympus E-P5 test roundup:
Techradar (Click here) posted the full E-P5 review. As you can see form the Raw signal to noise ratio graph posted on top there is little difference between the E-P5 and E-M5. The great news for the E-p5 is the ISO 100 advantage.
Robin Wong (Click here) posted the final E-P5 review. He writes:
Some will also point out the higher than usual price point of the Olympus PEN E-P5. Look at it this way, Olympus E-P5 delivers beautiful, crisp images, performs well in difficult shooting conditions, and can be relied on for serious, demanding circumstances. It is an overall well-made, well-built camera, and not many cameras out there in the same category can come close to its generous offerings of wide array of functions and features. Of course Olympus will not make the camera cheap! Whether the price is justified or not, that is up to you to decide.
Focus Numerique (google translation here) posted the full E-P5 ISO test. Obviously it’s hard to see any visible difference when comparing it with the E-M5 images.

ThePhoBlographer double Panasonic lens review:
They tested the Panasonic 7-14mm lens (Click here to read the article) and write: “We’re smitten with this lens. It’s sharp, contrasty, has wonderful color rendition, focuses quickly, feels well built and is highly portable. The only thing that it is missing is weather-sealing, but that doesn’t really break our hearts too much.
And they also tested the Panasonic 12-35mm (Click here to read the article) and write: “The 12-35mm f2.8 OIS also doesn’t have such an excellent feel in the hand–and I spent a lot of time with it. The focal length range is quite good, and while that made it a personal favorite, we’re not exactly sure that we’d want to run with a lens like this when you also slap on the high price tag. In fact, I recommend just sticking with smaller primes instead that have faster apertures and can give you better image quality.


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