Europe: New Olympus refurbished roundup. Cheapest E-M5 in France.


It’s weekend and if you have some time to try your fortune you may check out the latest new auctions at Olympusmarket. It’s by no mean close to the great US deals you saw the last week. But it’s the only way to save some Euro. The cheapest E-m5 I found in new conditions is the Black Body at Amazon France. And here are the refurbished stuff links. Click to check the current auction price:

Black body only
Black body only
Black body only
Black with 12-50mm lens

Silver with 14-42mm lens
Black with 14-42mm lens

12mm lens

“Older” Pen’s
White E-P1
Black E-P2 with 14-42mm lens
Silver E-P2 body only
Black E-PL3 with 14-150mm lens
White E-PL3 with 17mm lens
Silver E-PL3 with 14-42mm lens
Black E-PL2 with double lens kit
Silver E-P1 with double lens kit

More deals at Foto Hnas Keuzekamp:
Olympus 40-150 ED Silver – €139
Olympus 40-150 ED Black – €179
Olmypus 12-50mm Macro – €199

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