EosHD: Gh3 with 70-80Mbit bitrate?


Andrew from EosHD sent me the link to his latest post where he writes: “The GH3 is going to be more professional this time around according to my source in Asia. It is moving up the line and will be more expensive as a result. The camera has a high bitrate mode of around 70-80Mbit. Panasonic have decided to put the features we need in the box rather than risk unreliability with a third party hack. This is a very good move.

It’s certain the GH3 will be a super videocamera but I have no info yet about the exact video specs. Would be surprised to see Panasonic moving away from the AVCHD 2.0 standard. On the other side Olympus decided to not use that file format on the Olympus E-M5 because of his complexity. Hmm, filmmakers out there…what do you want?