E-P3 slowly fading out (and price drops). Don’t expect a successor but rather something else…


E-P3 price drops and discontinued status:
All normal E-P3 kits are now marked as discontinued at BHphoto (Click here). And they are massively discounted at Adorama (Click here) and low in Stock at Amazon (Click here). You can get it for even less as refurbished item on Cametaauctions (via Slidoo) or directly at Cameta. In Germany price drops are also shown by Idealo.de price history.

What’s coming:
I am working on that rumor now. All I have heard from one source is to not expect a “successor” but rather “something different“. As usual these kind of rumors lead to all plenty of speculation. Let’s keep expectations low so that we won’t be disappointed if something unspectacular will be announced. Question…when will it be announced? I am getting rumors form anonymous sources that the new camera may come in February! Still to be confirmed by trusted sources yet…
For some unclear reason I keep checking old Olympus rangefinder cameras one eBay. Just to see how a digital version could look like -> of course without rangefinder tech but with rangefinder style. But as I said, the new PEN will not be spectacular, just a small update..or not? :)


Deal sent by Eric (via NoisyC).


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