E-M5 shipping next week in US (and Digitalrev E-M5 vs NEX-7 vs X PRO 1).


Digitalrev (Click here) posted a short Xpro1 vs OM-D E-M5 vs NEX7: “In the end, it’s not always about image quality. Certainly, if it was only about the best image quality then it would be the Fuji. By far. But a good camera is one that feels good for you to shoot with. Despite the fact that I think the OM-D has lost its OM identity, I do enjoy shooting with it. But I enjoyed shooting with the E-P3 also, and that is cheaper.

Four 43rumors readers sent me the message that Amazon is finally shipping their E-M5 cameras:
Zandr: “Silver E-M5 w/ 12-50 ordered 3/17. Got estimated arrival (Thursday!) by email yesterday
Linsa: “Shipping notice from Amazon this morning for my silver E-M5/12-50 kit. I placed my order on April 25th.
Eric: “Black E-M5 body/50mm lens combo on March 16 (Amazon U.S.), and just received a notice that it will ship tomorrow.”
Lew: “Order you placed on March 04, 2012 (Order# 104-3496653-7853043). Estimated arrival date: June 05, 2012

Links to the full Olympus E-M5 camera list at Amazon (Click here). There are now sixteen user reviews (Click here) and all extremely positive! But with a bit of a mystery the most sold mirrorless camera remains the E-PL1 (here is the ranking).

There are some new USA lens deals:
The Panasonic 14-42mm X lens is back in Stock for $329 only at Amazon (Click here).
The Olympus 14-42mm lens is back in Stock for $179 only at Amazon (Click here).
The Panasonic 14mm pancake lens is back in Stock for $269 only at Amazon (Click here).


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