Did Leica change their mind about MFT? Panasonic will sell them interchangeable mount cameras!



Leica GM1 clone design by Seung-hun Han via Dicahub. Yep…just change the logo and charge $500 extra 😉

Over one year ago Leica stated that they will not make an MFT camera because their goal was to focus on ultimate image quality. But things have been changed at Leica and also their FF compact camera domain just got a strong competition from the SonyA7-A7r cameras. There is now a very surprising news:

According to Globalpost sources Panasonic and Leica made a new agreement where Panasonic will supply Leica with mirrorless and interchangeable mount cameras with retail prices of around 200,000 yen (1494 Euro or $2000). They will ship these cameras as early as next year!


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