Meyer-Optik raises impressive $585.000 for the new Trioplan. And hints a third new lens launch for 2017!

The ongoing Tiroplan 50mm Kickstarter campagn form Meyer Optik raised 10 times the requested money. The campagn is about to end soon and Meyer Optik added one more info on the Kickstarter presentation page:

Restoring the Trioplan lens line means that all good things come in threes. Our major 2017 lens announcement will be the third and final Trioplan in our line-up.

(FT5) E-M1II is coming at Photokina and has 4K!

Multiple sources confirmed Olympus will announce the new E-M1II at Photokina in September 2016. And the very first info I got about this camera is:

  1. it has 4K
  2. It has no global shutter. But Olympus worked hard to reduce rolling shutter to a negligible level

As usual sty tuned on 43rumors to learn more about the camera in the near future!

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(FT4) Olympus will announce a new 30mm macro lens

Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-05 um 08.28.40

A trusted source told us Olympus will announce a new 30mm macro lens this year. It will be their second macro lens of the line after the 60mm f/2.8 (pictured above).

This means the next two lenses to come are now the 25mm f/1.2 PRO and the 30mm macro. Surely the first lens of the list is the one a bit more exciting ;)

(FT5) Bad news: Olympus E-PL8 launch got delayed due the Kumamoto earthquake.



The already leaked Olympus E-PL8 still wasn’t announced by Olympus. And a trusted source now told me this: The E-PL8 launch got delayed because of the recent Kumamoto earthquake :(

So we will have to wait until Sony resumes the production to see when Olympus will announce the camera. And I hope this will not affect the future E-M1II shipping date too!

oly_e-pl8_t001 oly_e-pl8_b001