43rumors poll results

In the past week we had two polls and we thought may you are interested to know the final results.

1) The first poll: “What color should the new Olympus m4/3 camera have?” had 436 total voters

65% of you want a black m4/3 model

13% silver

9% blue

7% red

6% white

To bad I havn’t added the beige color as option 😉

2) The second poll had the question: “Is the price to high for you? ($999 for m4/3 with kit-lens)“. We had 277 voters

75% voted YES!

Many thanks for your partecipation!

Next Olympus mju Tough 8000 review (and comparison)

Robert from Poland sent us a link to his olympus mju review.

This is the original article in polish…


…but may it is better for you to look for the english google translation 😉

The very interesting part is the comparison they made between the,

– Fujifilm FinePix Z33 WP
– Olympus mju Tough 8000
– Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT1
– Pentax Optio W60

Well done Robert!

P.S.: And amazon is offering very convenient mju 8000 rebates! —> $329.99 You Save: $70.00 (18%)!