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In the last weeks we posted many rumors and we thought this summmary would help you a little bit to remember what’s going on. This summary includes rumors from our trusted sources only!

As you may have noticed there was no Olympus October 31 announcement. Our latest rumor has become true. Anyway on Thursday November 5 (or Friday 6) Olympus will probably unveil the Olympus E-P2. The camera should become available after Christmas. We still are not certain if it will use the new Epson EVF. It is very likely that the E-P1 will experiences some kind of price drop. In the meanwhile Olympus officially told us that there will be no E-3 successor soon. The E-3 successor should definitely come in 2010.

Panasonic next lenses are expected to be unveiled early 2010.

Fuji will probably unveil their MicroFourThirds camera by early 2010. Will they use the new organic sensor? Not yet we believe.

MicroFourThirds competition (Ricoh and Samsung)
Ricoh will be the first to unveil a MicroFourThirds competitor on mid November and Samsung NX camera will be announced on December 10.

all the rest
There is a small chance to see Samyang lenses for FourThirds mount.

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(FT2) Letsgodigital says Kodak could join the MicroFourThirds alliance.

Letsgodigital writes: “It is a known fact that Kodak belongs to the Four Thirds organization, but whether we can actually expect a Kodak Micro Four Thirds camera, remains to be seen.

To be honest we havn’t received any rumors about Kodak joining MFT.

Read more here:

One more thing: Kodak will present the new CCD-based Kodak Truesense at the Vision 2009 trade show held November 3 – 5 in Stuttgart, Germany (source: image-sensor-world)

a little bit of everything…(and some Ricoh rumors)

This image is FAKE.

First fake Ricoh camera images are floating around the web (source: hastalosmegapixeles)
Newest rumour which talks about the Ricoh will use an unique brand new “slide-in” interchangeable lens mount system, which is not a bayonet type! (source: RiceHigh)
OM zuiko lenses on E-P1 micro fourthirds body. 8mm to 600mm samples for you. Source: biofos
The japanese website tested the Panasonic GF1. Read in japanese or google english translation.
Gigapan Epic Does 2,904 Megapixels at 2009 World Series (source: photographybay)
And finally something horrible for you: Take a look at the new Red Scarlet digital camera:

(FT1) UPDATED -> FAKE -> Olympus E-P2 higher resolution image


Found here:
It is probably a fake. The hotshoe is the same as the and the real E-P2 leaked image shows a higher Hotshoe on the E-P2!

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More photoshopped E-P2 mages are available here: