Zeiss-Leica-Samsung-Nikon rumors summary

The huge MicroFourThirds tecnology success will shortly move other competitors to release cameras with the same or a similar concept.

Nikonrumors found a new Nikon patent for a mirrorless camera system. Zeiss will probably not make any digital rangefinder camera. Latest report are saying that Samsung delayed their first NX camera release. Chasseur d’Image magazine predicts a Leica M9 in September. There are no reliable reports about possible Canon and Sony moves but I suspect they are working on mirrorless cameras.

The only thing we know is that Olympus and Panasonic both will soon release new MicroFourThirds cameras ;)

Ken Rockwells old FourThirds prediction…

I just found an old Ken Rockwell prediction (http://www.kenrockwell.com/olympus/e1.htm) he wrote back in the year 2004:
He wrote:
My intellect says 4/3 is a fantastic idea, and my crystal ball derived from over 30 years of experience watching trends come and go says 4/3 will be passed over and forgotten. I will not be surprised if this format goes away by 2007. It’s a minority format, like APS and Elcassette.

Now we are in year 2009 and the camera is selling very well, the is the best hybrid-camera for videos (The Canon 5d is wonderful for stills but gives you less setup choices and no dedicated video-lenses)

What does it mean? Nothing! Only that Ken Rockwell isn’t on the same level as Chuck Norris ;)