Voigtländer 15mm and 28mm lenses

Just found two Voigländer lens deals. May MicroFourThirds camera are interested in those lenses…
Voigtlander Super Wide Heliar 15mm f/4.5 M Mount Lens – Black (Read the review from Ken Rockwell)
Voigtlander Ultron 28mm f/2.0 Lens with Leica Screw Mount – Black Good price and one stop faster than the Olympus 17mm f/2.8 lens.

External EVF. The difficulty to deal with rumors.

The external EVF:
Olympus unofficially told some people (like the administrators from http://www.forum-fourthirds.de and to some of our friends in London and Hong Kong) that there will be soon an external EVF. Instinctively I thought the External EVF should work for the E-P1.

But now I am beginning to believe that the external EVF could work for the next PEN only! So yes It COULD be that I made a mistake (may I will know it soon). The EVF is a FT5 (sure thing) rumor but we do not know if it can be used on the E-P1. Accept my excuses I am not a robot, I am a man working on this website in the time between my real work and my family time. Sometimes my sources are not accurate enough  (see the latest LX4 rumor) sometimes Olympus and Panasonic do changes and that’s why rumors could change and sometimes I can be an Idiot 😉

I hope you can appreciate my beeing honest to you. And I promise you I will be more accurate with our next rumors.

Many thanks to all of you,


(FT5) Very important EVF update

From one of our best sources: “There will be soon (October) a new external Electronic Viewfinder you can attach on the hotshoe of the PEN. The Hotshoe alone can’t deliver the image. You need a cable to connect the Pen to the EVF.”

I  (Alejandro from 43rumors) confess I have one single doubt. Will the EVF work with the E-P1 and the next Olympus MicroFourThirds cameras? Or with the E-P1 only? Or with the next Pen model only? The two BIG source don’t gave me a clear answer…

I have the doubt because no source mentions the E-P1 (they say PEN). May it is just me making problems for nothing.

UPDATE: The sources can’t or won’t tell me more. Personally I can’t imagine how the cable could connect the E-P1 to the EVF on the hotshoe. You want be able to hold the camera.

43rumors is 100% that there will be an attachable external electronic viewfinder. The EVF can be fixed on the hotshoe mount. The cable will connect the EVF to the PEN. And the EVF should be released early October. That means or this thing works with the E-P1 or the EVF will be released together with the next PEN which should be able to use this stuff 😉