Panasonic will launch a new DMC-CM10 smartphone camera


Panasonic is going to launch the successor of the CM1 tomorrow (in Japan only). There is yet no info about the specs of the new CM10 smartphone-camera. The next Panasonic MFT related announcement will happen in February at or shortly before the CP+ show. The GF8 is expected to be announced and we will probably also see some new lens prototype too.



Images via Digicameinfo.

Is Olympus going Full Frame? New 28mm f/2.0 FF lens patent!


What you see here above is the patented optical design of a new Olympus Zuiko 28mm f/2.0 lens for….Full Frame mirrorless! This means Olympus is considering to keep the doors open for a possible new FF system.

It would make sense to me to offer a sort of “Macro Four Thirds system”. A step up option for MFT owners who need a larger sensor size. Would you like that?

Patent via Egami.

Olympus PEN-F teaser launched (Hints a silver PEN-F?)


Image of the teaser (single gif frames megerd into one picture by Dicahub)

If you visit the site you can spot two animated GIF teasers for the new PEN-F. It suggests there will be a silver PEN-F too because the yesterday PEN-F leaked imaged has a Black dial. The teaser shows the silver version.



One more teaser image:


The silhoutte image captured by Peter K. (Thanks):


And thanks Kasey for finding and sharing this as first!