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August 18, 2009
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noisy cameras crazy speculations ;)

The very good noisy camera website speculates with the idea that Panasonic and Olympus may want to combine to get Pentax! Of course this sounds crazy to me but may you want to read it for yourself…

August 17, 2009
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Ken Rockwells old FourThirds prediction…

I just found an old Ken Rockwell prediction ( he wrote back in the year 2004:
He wrote:
My intellect says 4/3 is a fantastic idea, and my crystal ball derived from over 30 years of experience watching trends come and go says 4/3 will be passed over and forgotten. I will not be surprised if this format goes away by 2007. It’s a minority format, like APS and Elcassette.

Now we are in year 2009 and the camera is selling very well, the is the best hybrid-camera for videos (The Canon 5d is wonderful for stills but gives you less setup choices and no dedicated video-lenses)

What does it mean? Nothing! Only that Ken Rockwell isn’t on the same level as Chuck Norris ;)

August 17, 2009
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August 17, 2009
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Olympus E-450 reviewed

olympus-e-450-top1Letsgodigital reviewed the Olympus E-450.

The E-450 is a good, light and very cheap camera. You really don’t need a more expensive camera to take good photos.

Amazon sells a Olympus Evolt-E450 Camera with 14-45mm f/3.5-5.6EZ & 40-150mm f/3.5-4.5EZ Digital Zoom Lenses, Refurbished by Olympus U.S.A for $439!!!

August 16, 2009
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a little bit of everything…

A new E-P1 review is available at ! ( I like the “good and bad”  table they made!). It is a 21 page review with lot of comparison with other cameras.


People is starting to loose their E-P1 lens cap! Too bad that amazon and bhphoto have no replacement in stock!

An E-30, E-620, E-P1 Art Filter comparison is available at DCwatch (japanese website). Click here to read the google translated english version.


I made some research in Korean and Chinese forums and I havn’t found any new rumor or leaks about the Panasonic GF1. But I suspect you will not have to wait to many days before we get new leaks!

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