(FT4) Panasonic announcement on August 26th (more or less)!

According to 43rumors sources Panasonic will announce new MicroFourThirds cameras and lenses on August 26th (more or less, depending on your time-zone!). We expect the release of the GH1 successor, a new GF1 successor (or maybe just a new Gf model without replacing the GF1), the long awaited 14mm f/2.5 and 100-300mm lens, at least one more “lens surprise” and maybe the AG-AF100 (this camera with new lenses could be also announced in a second time befoe Photokina). You can read our Panasonic product prediction here: http://www.43rumors.com/getting-closer-to-photokina-panasonic-rumors-summary/.

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Rumors classification:

FT= FourThirds
FT1=probably fake rumor
FT2=rumor from unkown sources
FT3=50% chance it is correct
FT4=rumor from known sources
FT5=almost certainly correct!

a little bit of everything…(+G2 review on DSLRmagazine)

Panasonic G2 review at DSLRmagazine (google english translation)

Panasonic Announces Lumix Life Winners (Photoreview Australia)

Fast Fifties in the Field (Ranger9.net)

E-5 wishlist at Deviantart

Gigapanes pictures with the Panasonic GF1 at Gigapanaes.blogspot (google english translation->without pictures)

Olympus 14-150mm lens test at PConline (it’s in chinese)

Rumors from others (dreaming of a digital medium format mirrorless camera)

Let’s start with the most unlikely but also more fascinating rumor: Canon and Samsung are planning to enter the medium format market. Time to dream a digital mirrorless Mamiya 7? (Mirrorlessrumors / Canonrumors)

Pentax will release a mirrorless camera at Photokina (Mirrorlessrumors).

Nikon new mirrorless camera patent but no camera at Photokina? (Mirrorlessrumors / Nikonrumors).

No new Sony NEX camera at Photokina (SonyAlphaRumors)

New Samsung NX100 leaked (Photorumors)

(FT3) Is it the GF2/GH2 or GF3/GH3?

We know that specs and features is what we are looking for but it would be also “nice” to know the real name of the next Panasonic cameras! A new source contacted us to say that Panasonics new GF camera will be called GF3 and not GF2!

That sounds very likely because few months ago Imaging Resource had a chance to talk with Yoshiyuki Inoue (senior camera planner from Panasonic Corporation). Adn he said that the GH3 or a GF3 may having different AF in movies…

So may we should call them GF3 and GH3!

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