(FT4) More small Panasonic GH2 details (24Mbit/s and 1 stop ISO improvement)

IMPORTANT: Days ago a DVXforum user spotted and photographed the Panasonic GH2 on the beach. He contacted me and asked me to remove the leaked images I posted on 43rumors. I had to fulfil his request. Anyway, that’s one more proof that this was the real GH2! For those of you that didn’t see the camera don’t worry. Imagine the Panasonic G2 with flash card door on the same place of the Panasonic GH1…that’s it!

I already told you the GH2 uses a new 18 megapixels multi-aspect sensor (16 effective Megapixels).

Today 43rumors learned that the GH2 will record 1080/60i (UPDATE: this is the container! we will give you more details about the real output as soon as we can but it could be 60p!!! This because the AVCHD specification doesn’t include 1080/60p). The camera can also record at a higher bitrate 24Mbit/s AVCHD. I was a little bit worried because of the Megapixels number increase but according to our sources Panasonic managed to improve the High-ISO performance by 1 stop (if true that would be an awesome news!).

Price of the camera $1499 (The current Panasonic GH1 is in Stock for $1149).

If you have more news about the GH2 feel free to contact me using the right sidebar. It doesn’t store your IP-address and neither Name or Email are required. Every little help…helps! Thanks!

The rumor classification explained:
FT= FourThrids
FT1= 1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2= 21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3= 41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4= 61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5= 81-99% chance the rumor is correct

(FT5) New 14mm f/2.5 Panasonic lens (on Panasonic website!)

A new leak on the Panasonic website gives us more details about the new 14mm f/2.5 lens. If you visit the Panasonic Germany page click on “Download Datenblatt“. The pdf doesn’t contain the Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 details as one would expect but the new 14mm lens specs! (Thanks to the anonymous sender that found the leak!)

The 14mm f/2.5 lens
– 6 elements (3 aspherical lenses)
– closest focus distance 18cm
– Filter size 46mm
– Overall Lenght 20,5mm
– It weights 55g!!! That’s 45g less than the Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 lens – I don’t know if the price referrs to the 20mm or the new 14mm lens (399 Euro)

And here the google english translation of the presentation text:

The new pancake lens LUMIX G 2,5 / 14mm Asph. characterized by very compact, slim design and light weight. His effort optical design consists of 6 elements in 5 groups including 3 asphärische elements. They provide for mini male distortion and chromatic aberration, and a uniformly high up in the sharp corners.
Its characteristics make the 2.5 / 14mm versatile. The 14mm focal length equivalent to 28mm in KB format and is suitable für snapshot für landscape and interior photography. It is supported, the variable contrast AF system with the functions such as face recognition. The LUMIX G 2,5 / 14mm Asph. is equipped with a solid metal mount, and the Mehrschichtvergütung the lens elements provides for a high-contrast image reproduction without reflections or ghost images. Naheinstellungsgrenze: 18cm, angle: 75 degrees, weight: about 55g, filter diameter: 46 mm

P.S: Amazon, Adorama and BHphoto are selling the 20mm lens for $349.99 only.

(FT5) UPDATED: All Olympus camera will be mirrorless in the future

UPDATE: Read the very important editorial comment written by AP

At Amateur Photographer Olympus UK product manager Mar Thackare says that: : “We will continue to do these [Four Thirds cameras] until micro cameras can do what other products can,”  and “All cameras will be mirrorless in the future.”

Olympus Europe spokeswoman Franziska Jorke cited the autofocus and burst rate of DSLRs as still being superior to Micro Four Thirds models, along with the optical viewfinders. Jorke predicted that the concept of a camera ‘will change in 5-10 years’. However, in a bid to reassure photo enthusiasts, she said there will always be an Olympus camera body available – whether a DSLR or another type of camera altogether – to allow users to benefit from current Four Thirds lenses.

Thanks Amateur Photographer!!!

P.S.: Let me know what you think about that interview…

Olympus E-5 to be announced in a few hours (6am London time?)

The Olympus E-5 should be announced September the 14th. I am not sure about the exact hour but usually it is at 6-7am London that Olympus products get announced.

In the meanwhile other sources confirmed that the image is REAL and so are the specifications we posted with the only exception of the frame rate (5fps instead of 6fps). The real new feature should be the new TruePic engine. Let’s see how much the image quality will improve compared to the Olympus E-P2.

One of our sources said that “The image quality is good. It’s not a bad camera!“. I know, not really an exciting statement :(

As usual I will cover all the news, previews about the E-5.

After that we will try to get news about the GH2 and the new lenses which are going to be announced on September 21. So keep following 43rumors!

P.S.: After the GH2 announcement I will finally take some time off :)

(FT5) First full Olympus E-5 picture

And finally here it is…the Olympus E-5! No surprise here, it looks exactly like the E-3. The E-5 will be announced tomorrow (September 14 in Japan).

Again the specs:

– Weather-proof (Magnesium) body
– 12.1Megapixel sensor (The same Olympus PEN sensor)
– ISO 100 – 6400 in 1/3 or 1 EV steps
– AVI Motion JPEG(30fps) HD (720)
– 5fps
– it can take a picture with sound.
– mono mic with stereo external microphone input
– 3 inch LCD with 920.000 dots resolution
– 11 points full-twin cross AF sensor (phase-difference detection system)
– 11 area multiple AF (contrast detection system)
– CF and SD dual slot
– Built-in wireless flash