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October 9, 2009
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(FT3) Olympus MicroFourThirds announcement on October 31th


A dpreview forum user says.

I received several Olympus mailshots today about their presence at the third annual Utrecht photo fair (Dutch website which happens to be taking place on the weekend of October 31 / November 1. No such e-mails in previous years so perhaps they’re doing something bigger there this year – go spend your 8 euros for a chance of seeing the first (wood, black leather or whatever) mock-up of that Ex or EPy !

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October 7, 2009
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Nikon and Canon do NOT plan to release a m4/3 concurrent system?

Canonrumors has a rumor which is saying that Canon isn’t working on a APS-C compact AND interchangeable lens system. Also Nikonrumors is saying that Nikon will probably ONLY announce a Leica X1 clone.

Our sources do confirm both rumors. So nothing to worry for MicroFourThirds? Not yet but soon the battle will begin…

P.S.: Panasonic GF1 camera with 14-45mm Lens is in stock again at amazon US

October 6, 2009
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a little bit of everything…


All good things are three!

The japanese website tested the Panasonic GF1. Read it in japanese or english (google translation)

Also tested the GF1. Read it in japanese or english (again google translation)

And the latest japanese blog testing the GF1 is Japanese or bad google english translation ;)


We stay in Japan but this time we show you the Panasonic 7-14mm lens review at Japanese or english…your choice!


Do you like japanese reviews? Take that! We also found a E-P1 vs GF1 comparison at Japanese or english.

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October 6, 2009
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(FT3) Updated-> New Fuji organic sensor?

We already told you about rumors saying Fuji will join the MicroFourThirds system. Now it seems that Fuji is working on a completely new organic sensor. says that “Potentially, multi-layered organic sensors can over-perform BSI (Bayer Sensor) by a big margin. Their biggest advantage is that the dye absorption could be tuned to have very high QE in each of three colors, crosstalk can be minimized and each pixel location can detect and process all three color signals. Bayer sensors, on the other hand, get only one color per pixel, effectively discarding 2/3 of the incoming signal.

MuTaka also adds “As far as I understood it, Fuji had succeeded in producing a color picture from the organic sensor. Their test sensor was 1/15″ with a 3 micron pixel. The effective image 320*240 pixels. QE is 65%, and with antireflective film surpaces 80%. For a 550nm wave length
Fuji design is not sensitive to IR so doesn’t need IR cut filter.
The main chalenge is stacking the three layers and the electrodes together. Fuji “needs to make the improvement to the nanometer stamping installment
” .

The original chinese article can be found here:

via: noisycamera


Engineering sample specs

Pixel pitch: 3.0um
Optical size: 1/15″ (1.2mm diagonal)
Total array size: 360 x 256 pixels
Usable array size: 320 x 240 pixels
Frame Rate: 50 frames/sec
Full well capacity: 40000e
Dynamic Range: 60dB
Dark current: 7e at 60 degrees centigrade, 50fps
Quantum efficiency: 65% at 550nm
electron to voltage conversion: 56uV/e
Pixel fogging?: none
Image ghosting: cannot be detected using current apparatus
Organic Layers: – (unknown?, does not include AR film on pixel)
Pixel fill factor: 85%
metal layer Structure: 2 polysilicon layers, 4 “wire routing” layers
1 pixel uses 3 transistors
Process node: 180nm
Micro Lens: None

Some more details of the article. Fuji thinks it would be possible to perform nanoimprint lithography with an additional AR layer to raise the quantum efficiency to 80%

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October 6, 2009
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Leica D Vario-Elmar 14-150mm f/3.5-5.6 Asph. OIS – Review

Photozone made a new FourThirds lens review. Now we have the pleasure to see how the Leica D Vario-Elmar 14-150mm f/3.5-5.6 Asph. OIS performs!

And of cours the lens performs very well but I have to say that the lens is not exactly cheap: Panasonic 14-150mm $1,699.95 at

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