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November 4, 2009
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Photorumors tells us a little more about the famous 31October Olympus event


The big Olympus news on October 31st was about a new ambassadors for Olympus in Holland – I just learned that today. The announcement of the E-P2 is still expected in the next few days – latest by next week. There is also a possibility for a new tele zoom (40-150) and a macro lens.


November 3, 2009
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(FT2) UPDATED -> Fake? E-P2 price and specs


Two of our trusted sources told us that this specs are close to the real ones but not the exact E-P2 specs! We hope to get the real E-P2 specs soon!


Just received this from an anonymous sender. I don’t know if this specs are true. He sent me an image of the specs in japanese. Can you help me to translate it?


UPDATE: No one else than  Thom Hogan helped me ;)  “third item is 3″ 460k dot LCD
seventh item is 3.5-4 fps shooting rate
” Thanks!

Also John helped us:

I think the only improvements are:

1) True Pic V+
2) External EVF 1.44mp
3) 3″ LCD 460k
4) 1080p 30fps
5) Flash Sync 1/180 or 1/250 and below
6) 3.5 ~ 4 fps shooting speed

Radu added following information:

Also, it looks it works with Oly RM-1 IR remote control instead of the cable RM-UC-1, and the flash sync has an 1/250s option.”


E-P2 alone Body / 79,800 yen ($880)
E-P2 kit lens / 89,800 yen ($990)


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November 3, 2009
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(FT4) New Olympus MicroFourThirds lenses in January/February

(FT4) Our sources told us that Olympus is planning the release of new MicroFourThirds lenses for very early 2010 (January-February).

(FT3) A new source told us more: “…Oly is planning to pretty much follow Panasonic, offering at least an ultra wide (7-14 or 9-18), a fast prime (competing with the pana 20 1.7) and a tele/macro prime.” I had a smalltalk with the new source and I trust him.


November 2, 2009
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Olympus announcements on Thursday 5? Follow us!

Dear readers!

Olympus could announce the new MFT camera on Thursday 5 (or Friday 6…we have no exact data yet). We will make a live coverage of the event minute for minute posting infos, previews and pictures. Don’t miss the event! Follow us!



UPDATE: We still have no definitive confirmation for the Thursday 5 announcement. We hope to know more soon…

November 2, 2009
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(FT5) UPDATED -> Olympus Hong Kong will show a new M43 product in Hong Kong on 10 Nov.

Here the english google translation of the official Olympus presentation:

November 10 2009: Olympus to Release New Pen

Olympus Hong Kong China Limited will hold a conference on Tuesday November 10 2009 at the Pearl Hall of the Hong Kong Eaton Hotel on Olympus’ new Micro FourThirds Pen single-lens digital camera.

The Olympus Pen single-lens digital camera represents a breakthrough from traditional design concepts, removing the reflex mirror and pentaprism and in so doing, creating a more compact footprint not unlike a digital compact camera but with DSLR-type image quality.

Olympus has now improved autofocusing, resulting in faster performance with higher level of accuracy. What we currently have is a new revolutionary digital age combining 100% digital in the imitable style of a classic film-based camera body. And with that, we present a more professional version of the Olympus Pen single-lens digital camera that will be available for members of the media to try out.

We therefore invite you to send your reporters and photographers to attend our conference. The details of this conference are as follows:

Date: Tuesday, November 10 2009

Time: 2:30pm to 5:00pm

Location: Eaton Hotel (Pearl Hall, 2nd Floor), 380 Nathan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Invitation for Members of the Press Only

UPDATE: One more invitation has been leaked in malaysia:

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