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November 9, 2009
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UPDATED -> MicroFourThirds competition rumors summary!


I didn’t expect such interesting times! There is no day that I do not receive any rumor about Ricoh-Sony-Samsung. They all talk about mirrorless camera coming in the next days and weeks! I am going to make you a summary:

Ricoh should announce the new compact interchangeable camera system tomorrow. The camera will be very similar to the actual GX200. It uses a “slide-in” mechanism to attach lenses. Our source told us that “it will not have a proprietary bayonet mount, and to say that it will have an APS-C sensor is, well, not the whole truth…Ricohs camera system will start with two “lenses”, one prime, one zoom. The prime has 33mm real focal length, the zoom 5,1-15,3mm.“. It will have an electronic viewfinder accessory shoe for optional. It will not use the Epson EVF! One more source told us we should not expect a real MicroFourThirds competitor (don’t expect to have the image quality and flexibility of the MicroFourThirds System).

That rumor came like a bomb for all of us! SonyAlphaRumors says that Sony wants to launch a Panasonic GH1 competitor on November 18! It will record FullHD! Two of our sources heard about that camera but can’t tell us more about the specs :(

Samsung maybe will drop the ultimate bomb! K-rumors just published the last-minute rumors that Samsung will not only announce the NX System (mirrorless camera with APS-C sensor) but also the new GX fullframe mirrorless System. The new NX camera should be announced on December 10. All the specs about NX and GX System can be found here:
NX specs
GX specs

Let’s see what happens tomorrow with Ricoh!

UPDATE: Photorumors says that also Canon is planning a MicroFourThirds competitor in form of a fixed lens camera

2.5x crop factor sensor (~13.8×10.4mm).
5x zoom (26-130mm)
f2.8-4 IS L lens
The form factor is similar to the Pro1
Articulated Screen
800×600 EVF.
CMOS made by Canon
High FPS
1080p video like that of the SX1-IS.

It should look like the Canon PowerShot Pro 1

November 8, 2009
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(FT2) UPDATED -> Ricoh with APS-C sensor

UPDATE: One of our source told us: “The new camera will not have a proprietary bayonet mount, and to say that it will have an APS-C sensor is, well, not the whole truth. At least the size and the optional viewfinder are correct.

* APS-C sensor
* Interchangeable optics with proprietary bayonet mount
* Mirror Loose house with live-view
* Not so much larger than the GR-D cameras
* The same operation / control that the GR-D
* Electronic viewfinder accessory shoe for optional

“… a unique new compact camera in the premium class. Ricoh is a long time in development the forefront of compact cameras with very high quality. This new camera is no exception, it has both functions and properties that make it unique in the market. “

source: fotosidan

November 8, 2009
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Olympus lens roadmap

Bild 1Click on picture enlarge

Download the pdf here:

You can see:
– the 12mm or 13mm wide prime lens
– the 8mm fisheye lens
– the 50mm macro lens
– the 80-280mm zoom

November 7, 2009
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(FT4) UPDATED -> Ricoh camera to come with two lenses (one prime and one zoom)

As you already know Ricoh will probably be the first company to release a MicroFourThirds competitor.

Following rumor comes from a known trusted source with nickname “Batman” ;)
He says: “Ricohs camera system will start with two “lenses”, one prime, one zoom. The prime has 33mm real focal length, the zoom 5,1-15,3mm.

As I don’t have his email address I have to ask him some questions directly from this post:

1) UPDATED: Will the Ricoh camera use the same GX200 sensor or new APS-C sensor? The focal lenght of the two lenses are in contraddiction. The 33mm prime lens do suggest the Ricoh could use the APS-C sensor, the zoom focal lenght suggest the new camera will use the same GX200 sensor.

2) What will be the differences between the Ricoh camera and the E-P1/E-P2/GF1 cameras ?

3) Why are they using a “slide-in” mechanism?

UPDATE: “Batman’s” answer is “To answer your questions, the focal length i gave to you are correct, and we are talking about just one camera. Thats also the answer for question two: This is the difference ;-)
Answer three, because it is the most comfortable for this kind of camera concept.

UPDATE: says the new Ricoh camera will be unveiled on November 10.


November 6, 2009
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(FT4) UPDATED -> Sony is ready to announce a new Panasonic GH1 competitor on November 18

Sony is ready to launch a new camera on November 18! The camera will have the new (4/3 ?) exmor sensor and full HD video recording capabilities. With the camera Sony wants to compete against the Panasonic .

source: SonyAlphaRumors

UPDATE: 43rumors sources do also confirm the next Sony camera is coming.
UPDATE2: It is almost sure that Sony will not join the MFT system. They will have a completely independent system and lens-mount.

Preorder the E-P2:
– Amazon US: Olympus E-P2 with 17mm f/2.8 Lens and Electronic View Finder $1,099.99!
– Amazon US: Olympus E-P2 with 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 Zuiko Digital Zoom Lens and Electronic View Finder also for $1,099.99!

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