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October 12, 2009
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MicroFourThirds finally becoming competition from Sony???


Bild 1Hi, I know from a good source that Sony already has a pocket-interchange camera. This camera is in the field, some user are testing it now. This is a DSC-Cyber shot APS-C sensor camera with just 3 interchange prime lenses (G lens) 16mm, 35mm and 60mm. -No EVF on camera (I don´t know if optional) -LCD 3″ 921.000 dots -APS-C CMOS 14MPx -Alpha-Minolta hot shoe -IS on camera -flash on camera -contrast af It will be announce in PMA10.


October 11, 2009
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(Speculation) Is Olympus working on a compact model a là Leica X1 and Sigma DP2?

Last week our old server crashed two times. We had to make some space and we checked our database and old posts. And we noticed something we havn’t noticed before. I want to list you three rumors:

1) According to Mr. Watanabe (which has been interviewed by amateurphotographer) Olympus is working on camera above and below the E-P1. Source:


2)One (or both) camera will have an electronic viewfinder and faster AF and not get any bigger in size than E-P1,2341.html


3) Zone-10 wrote a very long article over the E-P1. It is a very interesting text and they included following prediction:

“I fully expect to see Olympus introduce a “pocket-camera” Digital Pen that does not take interchangeable lenses. It will have an extending zoom lens, or another model may have a fixed 35mm equivalent lens which will close up flush. The Infinity Stylus Zoom film cameras would be good cameras to model this after.  The clamshell or sliding cover design is still viable and I have one which goes most everywhere with me. But pocketability is not in the design specification for the E-P1 and nor should it be–let that be a feature for another model based on the same sensor design.”

In summary if Olympus is working on a model belove the E-P1 and that model will probably not be bigger in size…Zone-10 may be right and Olympus is working on a “compact E-P1″ with non interchangeable lenses! A cheaper Leica X1 copy?

October 9, 2009
Posted in Rumors

(FT3) Olympus MicroFourThirds announcement on October 31th

A dpreview forum user says.

I received several Olympus mailshots today about their presence at the third annual Utrecht photo fair (Dutch website which happens to be taking place on the weekend of October 31 / November 1. No such e-mails in previous years so perhaps they’re doing something bigger there this year – go spend your 8 euros for a chance of seeing the first (wood, black leather or whatever) mock-up of that Ex or EPy !

found via:

As always 43rumors is working to collect all rumors about the next Olympus camera. If you find something interesting write us at ! Thanks!

October 7, 2009
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Nikon and Canon do NOT plan to release a m4/3 concurrent system?

Canonrumors has a rumor which is saying that Canon isn’t working on a APS-C compact AND interchangeable lens system. Also Nikonrumors is saying that Nikon will probably ONLY announce a Leica X1 clone.

Our sources do confirm both rumors. So nothing to worry for MicroFourThirds? Not yet but soon the battle will begin…

P.S.: Panasonic GF1 camera with 14-45mm Lens is in stock again at amazon US

October 6, 2009
Posted in Rumors

a little bit of everything…


All good things are three!

The japanese website tested the Panasonic GF1. Read it in japanese or english (google translation)

Also tested the GF1. Read it in japanese or english (again google translation)

And the latest japanese blog testing the GF1 is Japanese or bad google english translation ;)


We stay in Japan but this time we show you the Panasonic 7-14mm lens review at Japanese or english…your choice!


Do you like japanese reviews? Take that! We also found a E-P1 vs GF1 comparison at Japanese or english.

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