Will the Samsung NX5 be the first GF1/PEN competitor?

(Picture via k-rumors.com)

Every day we have new rumors about the next Samsung NX camera. Today first possible NX5 specs have been published.
The real question is: will the NX5 be the first compact NX camera?

NX5 specs:
-NX mount
-14MPx CMOS sensor
-ISO 100-3200
-Built-in flash (GN10)
-3″ 230K LCD display
-Video HD720p/30fps (H.264)
-Audio mono
-HDMI/AV/MicroUSB connection
-SD slot

Non-built in EVF, same NX10 battery, manual control.

NX5 + 30mm = $599
NX5 + 18-55mm non-OIS = $549
NX5 + 20-50mm non-OIS = $499 (late 2010)

What intrigues me about the next Olympus FourThirds camera

Since yesterday we know that a new Olympus camera is going to be announced early in April (probably on April 2). The first unconfirmed rumor suggests that it will be a new entry level FourThirds camera. Even if you are not interested in such a camera, this camera is much more important than we could imagine. For many reasons:
1) In a few months MicroFourThirds changed the whole Olympus product strategy. What kind of influence will this have on future FourThirds cameras? For example: Will the next FourThirds camera have video?
2) What kind of improvements will the next FourThirds camera have? It will be interesting to see how Olympus improved the processing engine, the image stabilization and many other apsects of the camera. Some of these improvements could be implemented in future MicroFourThirds cameras.

Can’t wait to know more about that camera!

(FT5) UPDATED! New Olympus (FourThirds?) camera/s coming early April!

Did you really believe that now that PMA is finshed you (and I) could finally take a break from rumors until Photokina in September? :)
I was just told that Olympus will announce a new camera (or more cameras?) soon (probably early April). That rumor comes from my best sources!

UPDATE: FT2: A new unreliable source told me there will be a new FourThirds camera on April 2th. Could be the new E-460…

I have no “confirmed” details about the camera but as soon as I have some I will let you know!

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Reminder -> Our rumor classification values are:
(FT1) Only a dream
(FT2) Sounds a little more real
(FT3) Could be
(FT4) Possible, from trusted sources
(FT5) It’s done!
FT= Four Thirds

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(FT3) new Samsung NX-5 camera? + Samsung vs MicroFourThirds comparisons

Sometimes we receive rumors about other brands. We received some about Samsung which we are going to post here. According to our sources a new Samsung NX camera could be announced soon. Very likely it will be a compact NX camera. One possible leak has been spotted on multitronic.se. They list the NX-5 on their homepage and the NX-5 +18-55mm costs 135$ less than the NX-10+18-55mm combo.

What’s more interesting for us as MicroFourThirds users is that today we found two new Samsung vs MFT comparisons:

1) The HongKong website Unwire.hk made a GF1 vs E-P2 vs NX10 comparison.
2) And there is one more comparison on the very known german magazine der Spiegel: Samsung NX10 vs. Olympus EPL1 (deutsch / google english translation)

P.S.: Today the Samsung NX10 is in Stock at Adorama and BHphoto. So it is official…we are not alone on the earth :)

Cheap rumor: Canon mirrorless system

Amateur Photographer created a lot of noise with following “rumor”:

AP found an article inside the japanese trade journal Pen News Weekly…which again found an article inside Photo Trade Express…they had a small talk with an unnamed “Canonguy”…and what is he saying? “Canon is proceeding with the development of a mirror-less interchangeable lens camera to compete against models launched by Panasonic, Olympus and Samsung”

43rumors sources didn’t hear anything about a future Canon mirrorless camera but I bet that they are working on it.

[via CanonWatch]