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January 30, 2010
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Olympus SP800 leaked. It has a 30x zoom.


To see all pictures click the link below:
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January 29, 2010
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Now Olympus teaser message changed: “You can’t hide creativity”

Olympus just changed the teaser message:

The “old” teaser message said:

Message to Olympus…can you also change the position of the hand? We want to see a little more…move it just a little bit on the right :)

P.S.: Thanks Napalm 😉

January 29, 2010
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UPDATED -> E-P1 vs E-Pxx size comparison

The guys from made a very accurate size comparison!

Well done friends!

UPDATE: One of our sources told us that the specs they have are completely wrong. Also the size comparison isn’t correct

January 29, 2010
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(FT5) UPDATED-> First leaked image of the new Olympus MFT!

Finally 43rumors found the first leaked image on an asian forum. It has been removed after few minutes but a reader sent us the screenshot! :)

I post the official Olympus image for comparison. You can see the leaked image uses has the 14-42mm lens and the official Olympus image the 17mm lens

The camera is not going to be announced on February 2nd but later. It has a plastic body and it is priced cheaper than the Olympus E-P1!

UPDATE: From trusted source: autofocus is a little faster 😉
UPDATE2: Corrected-> same E-P1 sensor!
UPDATE3: Corrected -> It has one new feature (we will tell you soon)…if it is what I have in mind than it’s HOT!!!
UPDATE4: Name E-Pxx (two unknown numbers/letters)
UPDATE5: New Kit-Lens for the E-Pxx!
UPDATE6: That’s only speculation…but could it have the In-Body EVF we are all waiting for? (). I know I am dreaming only :)
UPDATE7: A close look to the pictures do suggest there will be a built-in pop-up flash. Maybe that’s the new feature our sources were talking about!
UPDATE8: It’s slightly thinner and slightly smaller.
UPDATE9: A size comparison between the E-P1 and the new leaked camera is available here:

January 28, 2010
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(FT4) Finally some rumor from reliable sources!

I am just arrived at the Munich airport and I checked my mails. Finally after days of struggling with uncertain rumors I have some very reliable rumor from my “old” trusted sources :). Just few informations but at least they are FT4 :)

The teaser camera is definitely a MicroFourThirds camera (plastique body)
Also the E-5 is going to be announced veeeeeery soon.
No Mft prime lenses from Olympus yet, they will come in Q3! We will see the previousely announced zooms instead.

That’s it for now. I received some more informations but I want to double check them before to post it!

Cheers from Munich

P.S.: Sorry for beeing so hurry but I am writing you from my iPhone.

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