Lens rumors

According to EOSHD Leica could make Summilux C cinema primes for the Panasonic AF100. Probably the microFourThirds version of the leica cinema lenses will be produced by Panasonic with leica quality control (like the Panasonic 45mm f/2.8 lens).
The future leica cinema primes for PL-mount are the 16, 18, 21, 25, 35, 40, 50, 65, 75 and 100mm lenses (no details were yet given about aperture and price)

I also received the Schneider-Kreuznach roadmap for the NX system. I posted the rumor on k-rumors.com. I would like to have such fast prime lenses for MicroFourThirds!

(FT2) Olympus E-PS1 in June?

I just recieved a rumor from a new source saying that the next Olympus camera will be “again” a PEN. It will be called “E-PS1” and will be available in June. The camera is not a “High-End” model. Such a model is expected to come at photokina or later. The source didn’t gave me any specs.

If some of you can give me some more details please contact me at 43rumors@gmail.com. Thanks!

Reminder: “FT2”  = unreliable rumor from new source.

Rumors from others: Sony mirrorless cameras in May. Samsung-Schneider deal.

It is really quiet on the MicroFourThirds front. We received rumors about the next Olympus MFT camera but we need some time to double-check the infos we receive. FourThirds rumors are completely on hold until Olympus strategy will be more clear.
But as I told you previousely there will be soon new mirrorless cameras from the competition.

K-rumors learned from his own sources that Samsung signed a partnership deal with Schneider.
This are details of the deal:
1) Schneider reissues M42 LensesM42 LensesM42 LensesM42 LensesM42 LensesM42 LensesM42 LensesM42 LensesM42 LensesM42 LensesM42 Lenses design with NX mount, new coating and construction.
2) Expect the release of four new Schneider lenses during the next months.
3) Those lenses would be designed by Schneider but built in Korea by Samsung/Optron-Tech with Schneider supervision and quality control.

SonyAlphaRumors reports that two Sony mirrorless cameras will be announced on late May. The new system will be called NEX.

I am curious to know what the big ones (Nikon-Canon) want to do….