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February 8, 2010
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(FT3) The rumors summary…or what’s coming next!


Why not copy the L1 design to create a "rangefinder" styled MFT camera?

What is going to happen now that the Olympus E-PL1 has been unveiled? 43rumors is working to catch some news about future Panasonic and Olympus cameras. If you read the worlwide Micro-FourThirds forums you will notice how everybody is wishing a rangefinder-styled compact camera. Many of you want the EVF built-in in the body and not external. Let’s see if Panasonic will satisfy the request!
Latest rumors are telling us that Panasonic will at least announce one new MFT camera. Some rumors we recieved do say two are coming (even better!). At the moment it seems very unlikely to see the Panasonic GH1 replacement.
Fact is the Panasonic G1 is discontinued in Japan and totally deleted from some official Panasonic websites (like here in Canada).
We are almost certain Panasonic will show some of the pre-announced lenses at PMA (Feb 21-23).

And what about Olmypus?
We are still waiting to get news about the E-3 replacement which will probably be annouced at the end of February or earyl March. And we really hope Olympus will enjoy us all with the release of new lenses!

Exciting times!
Stay tuned on 43rumors!

P.S: The Panasonic GH1 keeps dropping at amazon…now $1,219.95!

February 8, 2010
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Panasonic G1 removed from Panasonic Canada website…

Panasonic Canada removed the G1

Not only is the Panasonic G1 officially out of Stock in Japan but now Panasonic Canada directly removed all G1 references. Something new is coming???

February 7, 2010
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(FT2)Two new Panasonic MFT cameras to come?

Just recieved a new rumor from a new source. He told me Panasonic will launch two new MicroFourThirds cameras. And he says one of the cameras is to put into the “GF1” category. Two days ago another rumor we received told us that Panasonic will announce a new camera on February 18.

Something is happening…can you tell me more? Send your rumors at

February 5, 2010
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(FT3) UPDATED -> Panasonic new camera announcement on FEB 18?

I just received following information from a new source. He says Panasonic will announce the new MicroFourThirds camera on FEB 18. The new camera will probably have more to offer than the E-P1/E-P2 or GF1  ( ….I know that’s a criptic message but that is what I have been told ).

If you know something more contact me at

UPDATE: I upgraded the rumor value from FT2 to FT3. I had the chance to contact the rumor source and my sixth sense says he could really know something!


FT1= Rumor which is almost impossible it will become true

FT2=Rumor from a new unknown source (not reliable and not confirmed from trusted sources I know)

FT3=Rumor from one or more sources which maybe could become true

FT4=Rumor from one or more sources which already gave me correct rumors in the past. There is a 70-80% the rumors are true

FT5= Very trusted sources gave me the rumor. There is a 90% chance it will become true.

One more thing: We also learned that trusted sources can be wrong sometimes and also Companies can change their decisions or maybe spread false rumors into the wild!

February 4, 2010
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(FT2) Panasonic MicroFourThirds rumors

I got this informations from an new sources. He doesn’t really add new informations :(

– Panasonic G1 successor annoucement on late February. Availability in March. New Design and Video recording
– Panasonic 100-300 mm, 14mm pancake lens and 8mm Fish-Eye APSH f/3.5 also showed at PMA and available the months after.
– Panasonic GH1 successor will be announced on Q3 and it comes with 24Mbit/s AVCHD and 1080 60/50p.

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