(FT4) Olympus E-5 and new PEN at Photokina

As you have noticed things have been quiet for a while now. During that time we tried to understand why Olympus didn’t announce any FourThirds camera. Months ago we told you that we were almost certain that new FourThirds cameras would be introduced. What we learned is that in fact our rumors were NOT wrong. The Olympus E-5 was ready for the launch since the end of 2009. Also a new mid-range FourThirds camera was ready for the launch in April. In both cases Olympus made a very last minute decision to not unveil the cameras. According to our sources Olympus discussed a lot about the future development of FourThirds and that probably caused the last minute delay.
So what did Olympus choose?
The Olympus E-5 is now undergoing a new upgrade. I was told that the Olympus E-5 will be released at Photokina in September along with the next MicroFourThirds camera. The Olympus E-5 will have completely new features (some of them never seen in any DSLR camera before!!!). You should again take a look at that patent: double simultaneus focus system. I “suspect” this will be one of the new features inside the E-5.
It is also very likely that the camera will be able to record high-quality video.

So will there be no new camera between now and Photokina?
According to one new source Olympus could unveil the mid-range camera in June. It should be the A6xx. But that’s still to be confirmed.

What I am almost certain about is that Olympus will announce a new Olympus PENOlympus PENOlympus PENOlympus PENOlympus PENOlympus PENOlympus PENOlympus PENOlympus PENOlympus PENOlympus PENOlympus PEN at Photokina. And I also believe there will be one more MicroFourThirds camera (The famous High-End camera) by the end of the year.

Let’s make a summary:
FT4= Olympus E-5 with double focus system and video at Photokina
FT4= One more PEN at Photokina
FT2= A new mid-range FourThirds camera in June
FT2= A new High-End MFT camera after Photokina (Oktober-November)

Reminder: (FT=FourThirds)
FT4= Rumor from good known sources which have been often right in the past
FT2= Rumor from new sources

And what about new lenses? I was told that Olympus is working to deliver the lenses we need. I expect many new MicroFourThirds zooms and primes to be announced at Photokina. I have no news about FourThirds lenses :(

Possible future new MicroFourThirds lens list:

– 100-300/4.0-5.6 OIS
– Fisheye 8/3.5
– 14/2.5 pancake

and here comes the future Olympus lenses list:
– 40-150
– 70-300
– 12/2.5
– 20/1.7
– 8mm
– 50mm f/2.0

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P.S: Big deal on amazon: The Olympus E-P2 with 14-42mm Lens and Electronic View Finder sells for $899 (That’s a -$100 price drop since yesterday!).

Rumors from others: Sony NEX to be announced on Tuesday. New Samsung NX camera very soon. And Leica EVIL fullframe?

I will give you a quick update about the competition. Sony is going to announce the new NEX camera on Tuesday. The specs have been published on SonyAlphaRumors.

Samsung will also announce a new NX camera very soon (k-rumors.com). The new NX5 will be a cheaper Samsung NX10Samsung NX10Samsung NX10Samsung NX10Samsung NX10Samsung NX10Samsung NX10Samsung NX10Samsung NX10Samsung NX10Samsung NX10Samsung NX10 version which is aimed to compete in the same league of the Panasonic G2 and G10.

And finally a crazy rumors: Leica will announce a fullframe EVIL system for Photokina (Leicarumors.com)

New Olympus patent shows innovative double simultaneus focus system

We just found an interesting new patent. It seems that Olympus is working on a double TTL and contrast autofocus system which do work simultaneusly:
It is to be noted that the TTL phase-difference AF and the imager AF have the following characteristics, respectively.
The TTL phase-difference AF is the AF at a speed higher than that of the imager AF.
The imager AF is the AF having a precision higher than that of the TTL phase-difference AF
an automatic focusing device is disclosed in which the TTL phase-difference AF is combined with the imager AF to perform focusing control. Specifically, in this automatic focusing device, after coarse control is performed by the TTL phase-difference AF, fine control is performed by the imager AF.

This would be possible with the use of a half mirror which reflect portions of lights to the Phase Detection Sensor.
My speculation: would that camera not be able to record video using the faster TTL autofocus?

source: http://www.freepatentsonline.com/7711260.html

Small update about Sigma

As you know Sigma could soon produce new MicroFourThirds lenses. I just recieved an email from a new but very good source. He told me that “Sigma is already manufacturing lenses for FT-companies – for example the 45/2.8 Leica45/2.8 Leica45/2.8 Leica45/2.8 Leica45/2.8 Leica45/2.8 Leica45/2.8 Leica45/2.8 Leica45/2.8 Leica45/2.8 Leica45/2.8 Leica“. That’s strange! The lens is sold by Panasonic, with quality control from Leica and manufactored by Sigma :)

Can’t wait to get some rumor about the future Sigma MFT lenses!