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November 19, 2009
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(FT4) Sony mirrorless camera update…and harakiri thoughts.


We now received confirmation from two sources that the Sony mirrorless camera (the Panasonic GH1 competitor) is real! The mistake we made was to think that the camera is going to be announced on November 18 (I confess, it is a big mistake). We checked our sources and now we know that Sony has a prototype of such a camera but they are going to announce it only on Photokina (September 2010).
I am really surprised to see how the big ones (Canon, Nikon, Sony) are taking so much time before starting to compete against MicroFourThirds.
I am also surprised about some Panasonic and Olympus harakiri strategical moves. Olympus has no decent MicroFourThirds prime lens and Panasonic is loosing their time advantage by not delivering enough GF1 to the US market.
Anyway it seems they have time enough to do it right!

November 19, 2009
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Seatool GH1 underwater Housing

Seatool has been kind enough to allow us to post some images of the new GH1 underwater housing (source:

[nggallery id=3]

P.S.: Also is planning to build a new underwater housing for the GH1!

November 18, 2009
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(FT5) k-rumors leaks the Samsung NX!


Now we are pretty sure the Samsung NX camera is coming soon! K-rumors found the final proof inside the korean government website. The Samsung NX camera is expected to be announced on December 10. Will the quality of the NX camera be on par with the quality of the MicroFourThirds system? It will probably depend from the OPTRON-TEC lenses which Samsung is going to use for the NX system. The Samsung NX specs are awesome!

November 17, 2009
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(FT2) UPDATED: Latest rumors about Sonys GH1 competitor. The rumor says it is not a GH1 competitor :)

UPDATE: Sony just announced the new NXCAM. Nothing to worry for Panasonic. It is a normal camcorder with AVCHD tapeless recording!

SonyAlphaRumors posted a “rumor” coming from Japan:

- Sony will unveil a Camera with “Alpha” brand.
– Made for high-end movie with Alpha lenses.
– The camera is not compact.

It doesn’t look like a real competitor. I expect Sony to announce a classic camcorder which can use Alpha-Mount lenses.

November 16, 2009
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E-P2 availability in Asia

We just recieved following information:
Due to the excessive cost of production, looks like the final production of the E-P2 will only see two colors instead of the earlier three :
Rest of the world : Black
Japan only : Silver/Brown
Also, first shipment will be released from the warehouse for Asia on 25th November.

– The E-P2 is available for preorder at Amazon UK / Amazon US / Adorama / BHphoto / Amazon DE

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