Panasonic patent proves they designed the Leica SL 90-280mm Full Frame lens!


Both Olympus and Panasonic are patenting new Full Frame lenses. Egami just spotted the latest lens patent from Panasonic which describes the design of the 90-270mm f/2.8-4 OIS Full Frame lens. But before you get excited about the idea that Panasonic might make a new FF camera system hold on!

This is highly likely the design of the existing Leica 90-280mm SL lens. It’s quite a surprise to learn that this $6,395.00 lens has been developed by Panasonic!

(FT5) UPDATED: Panasonic G8x entry level camera to be announced on September 19.

Image above shows the current Panasonic G7

Trusted sources told us Panasonic will announce a new G8x entry level camera on September 19 (UPDATE: Launch got delayed due the sensor delivery issues).  I hope to get some specs soon but this should become the new entry level G camera. Stay tuned on 43rumors as new Olympus and Panasonic rumors are being posted soon!

UPDATE: After a talk with other sources I corrected and upgraded the rumor. The new camera will be a G8x model (“x” stands for a number that will be different in different regions).

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(FT3) Panasonic GH5 to be announced at the IBC in Amsterdam?


In late August Panasonic will announce a new MFT camera but this won’t be for the new GH5. There will be a new entry level MFT camera instead.

I still have no bulletproof info when the GH5 will be announced. But a new source just sent me this:

I’m told (after asking over and over and over) that they’ll be introducing the GH5 at IBC.

The IBC show in Amsterdam starts on September 9. But I am really not sure yet the GH5 is coming at the IBC show…