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March 11, 2010
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Be prepared….hot stuff coming about the Panasonic GF2?


Just found something amazing!

Keep following us ok? I am working the article right now and it will take some time. Be patient :)

UPDATE -> Rumor published here:

March 11, 2010
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(FT3) Olympus E-460 coming soon? DxO Optics pro software leak

DxO Optics pro is a very known software. If you visit that part of the website and select a camera body you will find the Olympus E-460 as option. That camera doesn’t exist in the real (known) world! Could be a mistake so don’t get excited. Anyway I would like to see an updated verison of the actual tiny Olympus E-450. At least that would give FourThirds user the proof that Olympus is still taking care of non-MicroFourThirds customers.

[Thanks…Anonymous :) ]

March 10, 2010
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(FT2) Next Olympus FourThirds camera at Photokina?

Miguel (a dpreview forum user) is currently testing the Olympus E-30. And he says:

“Olympus approached me and gave me all these equipment to use it for a few months.
to answer your question, the lenses really got my attention, also the rep. mentioned a better camera will be announced in Photokina 2010
I like the realistic skin tones on the Olympus so far vs Nikon

March 9, 2010
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(FT4) No Panasonic LX4 (for now)

Finally I got some (bad) news from a trusted source. He told me the Panasonic LX3 successor will not be announced soon. He also told me that “the Panasonic LX3 is a camera which is very popular in Europe and US and less in Asia. So we should expect an announcement for Photokina (September).“.

Over one month ago a different trusted source told me about the LX3 successor. He know admitted he received false informations :(

By the way I am working on new rumor about Fuji Olympus and the Panasonic GH1. I will let you know soon what’s going on!

March 8, 2010
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Where is our LX3 successor?

The Panasonic LX3

Over one month ago one of our trusted sources told us that Panasonic should announce the Panasonic LX3 successor. The Panasonic UK teaser made us believe that Panasonic would announce that camera along the Panasonic G1 successor. As we all have seen this didn’t happen. We don’t know yet when the LX3 successor will come.

Anyway we found this inside the dpreview forum:
According to “Mk7″ (a dpreview forum user) the “Panasonic LX4 is coming this week” and it will come with a new “BSI CMOS” sensor.
This is a very unreliable source but it could have some sense if you consider that the japanese CP+ show starts on March 11…

I ask my sources to tell me if they know something :)

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