(FT5) There will be a major Panasonic announcement for the IFA show in Berlin.

According to two of my trusted sources there will be a major Panasonic product announcement between August 26 and September 1. The new products will be displayed at the IFA in Berlin (the global trade show for consumer electronics). I am not sure yet about the products that will be announced but I am sure that there is at least a new Micro Four Thirds lens. I got some info from new sources but I do hope my trusted sources can tell me more soon. Just a reminder: Panasonic officially told that they would release at least two new m43 lenses this year. And they also told that the next two cameras they would release are the GF PRO and GH3.

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Sony counterattack with three new NEX cameras and three new lenses (+ two accessories)

How do we always say? Competition is good! And now there is plenty of serious new competition coming from Sony. The image on top shows two of the three new cameras (the third is the VG-20 NEX camcorder) and two of the three new NEX lenses (the third will be the 50mm 1.8 lens) that will be announced in late August. The NEX-7 could be the first camera that will make serious competition to the popular Fuji X100. Otherwise the lenses are nice, but very big! As you see the Zeiss is certainly NOT a pancake! And the worst news is that the new OLED external viewfinder will not work on the current NEX cameras. P.S: There is also an adapter with built.in translucent mirror. Something similar could come from Olympus next yea (with built-in classic mirror and prism).

What do you think about those products?

Source: SonyAlphaRumors.com

(FT4) GH3 with AVCHD 2.0!

According to a trusted source the GH3 will support the just announced new AVCHD 2.0 codec with 1080p60/50 and maximum bitrate of 28 Mbit/s. As you know the current GH2 uses a native 60p sensor but file gets stored in 24i or 30i only (50i at 720 lines).  Below you can read the specs of the new AVCHD 2.0:

Links to the current GH2 at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.
Links to the first GH1 camera at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.

14-42mm Micro Four Thirds version one and version two test at ePhotozine

There is a curious new review at ePhotozine! They tested both kit lenses, the first generation 14-42mm for Micro Four Thirds (Click here to read the review) and the second generation 14-42mm lens for Micro Four Thirds (Click here to read the review). And guess what? There is indeed a small image quality difference! ePhotozine writes: “The MkI version of this lens may provide better sharpness from edge to edge, but the enhanced design and faster focusing make the lower sharpness towards the edges penalty worth paying.

Those are the search links to all version of the 14-42mm lens (as you know there are now three different versions!): Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.

Panasonic slips into the red zone (financial report). Olympus and Casio to develop together compact cameras?

The German website Photoscala (Click here) analyzed the first quarter results from Panasonic. The company had a net loss of 30.4 billion yen (approximately € 273.3 million) in the first quarter of fiscal year 2011/12. This is of course also the result of the Tsunami/Fukushima disaster.
The digital camera sales can be increased with 44.4 billion yen (about € 400 million) over the fourth quarter of last fiscal year by almost 34%. But it’s still 13% below the fiscal first quarter from last year.

There is a small rumor running in Japan (Source: etnews.com) saying that Olympus and Casio are ready for a partnership in the compact camera segment. It sounds like Olympus will develop future compact cameras together with Casio. Those compacts will use Olympus lenses and Sony sensors. I know it’s not a Micro Four Thirds related news but the most interesting bit of info is that Olympus would drop Panasonic sensors in favour of Sony sensors. At that point I want to remind you that trusted sources said that Samsung offered to make Four Thirds sensors for Oly. If we should give some credit to those rumors than Olympus is trying to become more independent from Panasonic sensors.