Poll: Panasonic axes the GF and GM line. Do you agree?


In case you missed this because of the weekend vacation read this: Lesnumeriques, got information that Panasonic will axe the GF and GM line. From now on they will keep adding models to the G, GX and GH line only.

Do you agree with Panasonic's new camera strategy?

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Big news: Panasonic will kill the GF and GM line!

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The GM5 is currently on closeout deal at Adorama.

According to the french website Lesnumeriques, Panasonic will drop the GM and GF camera line to focus solely on G, GX and GH lines. This should lead to more clarity and logic for the consumers.

And to distinguish the level range they will use that digit code: “1 digit for professional housing, 2 digits to the expert, 3 digits for the amateur and 4 digits for the beginner. This is exactly the logic chosen by Canon for its EOS SLR.” says Lesnumeriques.

Yep this makes sense…

Thanks Soo!

New Olympus patent describes set of Full Frame f/1.4 fast primes: 17mm, 25mm, 28mm, 35mm and 50mm


I just found a brand newly published Olympus patent describing the a new f/1.4 prime lens line for a yet non existing Olympus Full Frame system! The lenses do have a highly complex lens design suggesting these will deliver a high quality performance. The patented lens versions are:

17mm f/1.4 (7 cm total lens lenght)
25mm f/1.4 (8 cm total lens lenght)
25mm f/1.4 (13 cm total lens lenght)
28mm f/1.4 (13 cm total lens lenght)
35mm f/1.4 (13 cm total lens lenght)
50mm f/1.4 (13 cm total lens lenght)

So the question seems no more to be “if” Olympus will make a FF system but more when they will announce it!

Source: Freepatentsonline.