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September 16, 2014
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4K or not 4K: Here is the E-M1 image with 4K :)

Of course when you do a rumor work like I do you get plenty of critics if a rumor doesn’t become true. Well, in the case of the 4K firmware update rumor for the E-m1 I really went through many absurd troubles!!!
First of all I assure you that I didn’t make up a story. And it’s time for me to prove it to you. On top you can see one of the two pictures I got showing a beta-tester with the 4K recording feature enabled. Of course you can argue this could be a fake image. If it is is…it’s certainly a well done one!

But it doesn’t stop here: Iron Man 2 Assistant Director Nabil Fathi even openly said he saw and tested the 4K feature on the E-M1 (his tweets can be found here).

So you see this is a pretty weird story! Make up your own mind..I am done with this :)

September 15, 2014
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Panasonic announcement soon…LX100 looks sexy.

The Panasonic announcement is coming soon at 14:00 Berlin time (which is 5:00 in San Franciso, 08:00 in NYC and 22:00 in Tokyo). I got a “marked” LX100 picture three days ago but cannot post it because of the unqiue mark (have to protect the source). All I can say is that it looks very sexy! Stay tuned!

And one more thing: We have plenty of people visiting this site today. If site doesn’t load well or not at all please hit the refresh button of your browser to open 43rumors! Thanks!

September 15, 2014
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Full E-M1 firmware update features and fix list!

Got some more “material” about the Em1 firmware update. All I can tell is that there is no 4K video recording. But as you know we also got images from sources showing otherwise. I suspect the 2.0 firmware will not have 4K while the Olympus may announce a future 4K firmware update after Photokina. Anyway, we will know that for sure in a few hours…

Here is the full features/fix list:

-Image display time lag: 16 msec  (frame rate setting is high speed)
-Multiple simultaneous settings now available in Live Guide
- Exposure compensation (±3 EV) is now available in HDR 1/HDR2 shooting
- A function was added to cancel Color Creator and return to the original Picture Mode by pressing the MENU button when using Color Creator function
- Even when Art Filter is set for the Picture Mode in movie shooting, the Movie Tele-converter can now be used
- AF function for each frame was added to Custom Self Timer. In Drive Mode’s Custom Self Timer settings, you can now press the INFO button to change settings
- MF Assist is now supported in magnified frame position
- 3x has been added to high resolution magnified Live View
- The Peaking display frame rate has been improved
- Electronic zoom speed setting function was added. An icon appears on the LCD monitor when using the olympus  zoom lens
- When the arrow pad is set to Direct function, the Underwater/Underwater macro functions can be used with the left and down button on the arrow pad
- Double tap is now supported in touch operations on the Super Control Panel
- The level gauge and histogram can now be displayed during magnified frame display. The Touch Off icon was added to magnified frame display
- A function was added so that shooting information recorded in HDR1/HDR2 can be viewed in the playback screen
- Information on composited number of shots for images recorded with Live Composite was added (Can be checked in Olympus Viewer3)
- When the BKT button is pressed for seconds, the BKT menu now appears
-Keystone Compensation (Digital Shift)
-Tethered Shooting System (OLYMPUS capture)
-Live Composite
-Zoom In/Out and Layout have been added to Photo Story. Save (complete partway through), Temporary Save, and Resume functions have been added to Photo Story mode
-New Art Filter: Vintage and Partial color
-Old film effect
- The Aperture Lock function has been added to Aperture Preview
- The Panning Shot shooting mode has been added to SCN mode

Again: I got clear evidence about 4K update on E-M1 from two sources (including images I didn’t post here). I hope Olympus will also release some official info about that. My guess for now is that it’s coming with a 3.0 firmware update or so…

September 14, 2014
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(FT5) Announcement time: Olympus at 9:00 and Panasonic at 14:00 Photokina-Köln time.

The two announcements to follow today here on 43rumors are:

1) Olympus at 9:00 (German time) which is 0:00 in San Franciso, 03:00 in NYC and 17:00 in Tokyo
2) Panasonic at 14:00 (German time) which is 5:00 in San Franciso, 08:00 in NYC and 22:00 in Tokyo

List of stuff to be introduced:

- Silver E-M1
- E-M1 firmware update
- 40-150mm f72.8 PRO lens
- new update lens roadmap

- LX100
- GM5
- 35-100mm
- GH4 firmware upgrade
- updated prime lens
- new update lens roadmap

September 14, 2014
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(FT5) New 40-150mm will be the highest optical quality zoom lens ever made by Olympus.

The Olympus 40-150mm PRO zoom lens that will be announced tomorrow will be the best Olympus zoom lens ever made (Source: Digicameinfo). The Optical performance is said to exceed those of the best Four Thirds zoom like the Olympus 35-100mm f/2.0. These are the google translated 40-150mm PRO specs:

ED40-150mm F2.8 PRO
- Optical performance that exceeds the SHG Four Thirds
- The use Super ED lens, ED lens, HD lens, the lens EDA
- ZERO coating
- Powerful dust and water performance
- Equipped with an evolved version of the MSC “DUAL VCM focus system”
- AF motor, use a linear motor of two
- Focusing floating method
- Minimum focusing distance 70cm throughout the entire zoom range
- Manual focus clutch mechanism
- Equipped with function button “L-Fn”. Can be assigned various functions such as AF stop
- Exclusive hood that can slide storage is included.

1.4x Teleconverter MC-14
- As “ED40-150mm F2.8 PRO”, “ED300mm F4 PRO” dedicated
- Thin 14.7mm
- The barrel is made of metal
- Lens configuration (one HR lens) six three groups
- Dust and water resistance to low temperature

Announcement tomorrow (Monday Sept 15) at  9:00 Photokina-Köln time! Panasonic announcement will be at 14:00!

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