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April 15, 2014
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(FT5) Quick update: E-P5 firmware coming on Thursday.

Quick update on the E-P5 firmware update. I have been told that it will be released on Thursday. And also that focus peaking improvement will allow colour choice and rather than simply an outline of what is in focus, full coverage of the in focus item will display.

Thanks to the anonymous source for keeping me informed on that!

April 14, 2014
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(FT5) E-P5 firmware update coming this week. Adds Anti Shock feature same as on the E-M1.

I got this from one source and one website (Omuser). This week Olympus will release a new firmware update for the Olympus E-P5. It will add:

- Anti Shock feature just like it had been added on the E-m1 recently.
- improved focus peaking.

P.S.: A while ago I told you how major retailers have been told the E-P5 is now our of production. I haven’t received any reliable rumor yet but there is a fair chance the E-P6 will come in June.

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April 9, 2014
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Patent: New XZ compact camera may features an amazing 50mm f/1.0 lens!

Olympus is working on a ground breaking compact camera. A recent patent describes a 50mm (FF equivalent) f/1.0 lens deisgned for a 1:1.7 inch sensor used by the current current XZ-series (here on Amazon). This would become the worldwide fastest compact camera! Would love to get such a camera and you?
For US readers: $50 off on the new STylus 1 via thrid party resellers at Amazon US (Click here).

April 6, 2014
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Update on the Panasonic-Leica partnership rumor…

The first Leica T picture appeared and as you know it’s said to be made in partnership with Panasonic (More info at MirrorlessRumors). The camera will cost $3,000 and have an APS-C sensor and T-mount. So it’s not going to compete against the MFT or any other current mirrorless system. What’s still not 100% sure is if the Leica T is made by Panasonic or if Panasonic just makes the electronics and then ships them to Germany so that Leica can assemble them there.

What I am sure yet about is that Panasonic will not join such a system. This is all about selling a red logo on a camera :)

April 5, 2014
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First serious Panasonic GH4 contender, the Sony A7s 4K.

Well, this was a short time alone. The GH4 will get a companion very soon! Tomorrow Sony will announce the Full Frame A7s that can record 4K videos too! I don’t know the specs and how bad or good the quality will be. All I know is that it should be more expensive than the Panasonic GH4 and that it’s likely to record 4K at a much lower bitrate and a less good codec (the consumer XAVCs).  Also there is a slightly crop mode on the A/s so it’s not even a “pure” FF. I don’t think Panasonic has to worry about that new competition…

More info at MR will also host a live stream event if you are curious to see the new cam.

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