Olympus PEN-F Review at Dpreview: “all in one incredibly-handsome digital camera”


Dpreview posted their full PEN-F test and do write:

The PEN F takes the line a step forward: by further refining the design, both in terms of materials/construction and the addition of a built-in viewfinder. In short, the PEN F is a very capable camera jam-packed with features and tools to help shooters realize their vision. It offers impressive image quality, some of the best image stabilization available, acceptable video quality, direct controls and ample customization, all in one incredibly-handsome digital camera.
Of course if you care more about specs and abilities, and less about design, there are more technically capable cameras available for the money.

The camera earned the Silver Award with a 82% score.

Also Photographyblog posted their PEN-F reviews:

The new Olympus PEN-F is trying to appeal to your emotions as much as your wallet, and in our view it succeeds in making your heart rule your head. Olympus’ engineering team have obviously spent a lot of time and effort in getting the look, feel and usability of the PEN-F just right, creating a camera that’s both retro but also thoroughly modern, and in our view worthy of our highest accolade.

And ePhotozine writes:

The Olympus PEN-F is priced at a very similar level to other cameras from Olympus, including the weather-sealed E-M5 Mark II, and E-M1, which makes the PEN-F a more difficult choice, particularly if you use a tripod and different lenses. However, if you’re looking for a compact street camera, and are likely to use the more compact lenses with the camera, and love the idea of quick access to different shooting effects, then the PEN-F could be just the ticket. The additional resolution of the 20 megapixel sensor and rangefinder style with built in electronic viewfinder may also be appealing to those that don’t like the more traditional SLR-style of camera. Throw in the fact that you can shoot 50 megapixel images, and the Olympus PEN-F offers a unique shooting experience, which is difficult to match without spending significantly more money.

PEN-F preorders at Amazon, Olympus US store, Adorama, B&H, eBay

First time in Stock: New Olympus 300mm PRO lens at FocusCamera!


The new 300mm PRO lens is in Stock and shipping today(!) at FocusCamera (Click here).

And the lens just got reviewed by ePhotozine:

Considered against what users of other marques might pay, the cost of the Olympus 300mm f/4 does seem to be very reasonable. We can add to that its compact size, relatively light weight and excellent ergonomics. Quality is superb. All in all, a lot of thought and skill has gone into this lens and it is certain to find favour amongst Olympus MFT sports and wildlife photographers. The fact that close focusing brings other subjects into range is an added bonus.

More store links: Olympus 300mm f/4.0 PRO lens at Amazon, Adorama, BHphoto, GetOlympus. In EU at Amazon DE. AmazonUK. WexUK. Amazon FR.

New SLR Anamorphics tested on the GH4

Jurek sent me this::

Had the opportunity to play with one of SLR Magic’s new Anamorphic lenses for a few hours last Saturday. Usually 1.33x lenses are recorded to a 16:9 aspect ratio to get the Cinemascope look after de-squeezing. This time Andrew Chan of SLR Magic suggested we try recording to the 4:3 ratio normally reserved for 2x lenses.
The result is a 16:9 image (when de-squeezed) but with an anamorphic look. Really nice glass.
Panasonic GH4 set to 4/3 mode with an SLR Magic 35mm T2.4 Anamorphic lens, captured in 4K UHD with V-Log L profile in 10-bit, 4:2:2 to an Atomos Ninja Assassin. Also used, Movcam wireless follow focus and Westcott Flex LED lights.



New Full Size image samples shot with the Panasonic 100-400mm MFT lens.

You can see a set of Full Size image samples shot with the brand new Panasonic 100-400mm lens at ePhotozine. And there is also finally some clue about the first shipment date. It’s March 15 according to BHphoto!

Panasonic-Leica 100-400mm preorder links at Amazon, Adorama, BHphoto and Panasonic. In EU at Technikdirekt, Cyberport, WexUK. Fotosidan.