Kinoptik 150mm f/2.9 test on the GH4.

Annie Barton tested the Kinoptik 150mm f/2.9 lens (here on eBay) on the Panasonic GH4:

We think this copy we have could be a faulty lens, or a fake Kinoptik. It eats up quite a bit of light, so it flares a lot making the image less sharp. Maybe a longer lens hood might help?
Stay tuned for the upcoming Kinoptik 100mm. We like the 100mm much better than this 150 !!
This Kinoptik Focale is modified into a Nikon mount. The focusing barrel makes the lens fairly huge. The 150mm in Micro Four Thirds system makes the focal length even longer, and together with its size, this lens is not easy to use.


E-M10II review by Admiringlight: “It’s an excellent camera”


Admiringlight posted the full E-M1oII review:

In all, the E-M10 Mark II is a great upgrade for those using the original E-M5 and is worth a long hard look for those considering the E-M5 Mark II. If you rely on action shooting and need solid continuous autofocus, the E-M1 or one of the more recent Panasonic bodies should garner your attention, but for all other shooters, the E-M10 Mark II represents the best value in the Olympus lineup. It’s an excellent camera.

E-M10II store links: Amazon, Adorama, B&H, eBay

Panasonic GX8 Review at Imaging Resource: “is one impressive camera”


Imaging Resource posted the full GX8 review:

Overall, the Panasonic GX8 is one impressive camera. Though the body shape feels slightly larger than average, the build quality and ergonomics are fantastic. The articulated LCD and characteristic tilting EVF really make the GX8 a versatile, easy to use camera regardless of where or how you’re positioned. The array of external controls will undoubtedly please advanced users looking for a highly configurable control scheme. It’s small and rugged enough to travel practically anywhere, and its speedy performance lets it capture pretty much all but the most challenging, fast-paced subject matter.
Its high-res sensor makes great images with impressive print quality results, and the GX8 is well-suited for the multimedia power user with a nice array of video features. All said and done, with its new sensor, impressive performance, high quality 4K video, as well as excellent, robust wireless connectivity features, the Panasonic GX8 wears a lot of hats, so to speak, and certainly deserves consideration if you’re in the market for an enthusiast-level mirrorless camera that can practically do it all. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the Panasonic GX8 gets the nod as a Dave’s Pick.

GX8 store links: Amazon, Adorama, B&H, eBay

Best cameras 2015 by Imaging Resource: E-M5II selected as “camera and technology of distinction”

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The E-M5II has been selected twice at Imaging Resource best 2015 camera reward:

Once because of the best “Camera of Distinction”:

Overall, the Olympus E-M5 II takes what we loved about the E-M5 and polishes it to perfection. Combined with the ever-growing lineup of fantastic Olympus lenses, the E-M5 Mark II is a top-notch system camera for the enthusiast photographer.

And also because it has the best “Technology of Distinction”:

We’ve tested the E-M5 II’s 40-megapixel mode, and the results are very impressive. While medium-format cameras with high resolution sensors will still win on the resolution front, the level of detail the E-M5 II can deliver in its 40 megapixel mode with a good lens (and Olympus makes many such) is truly impressive. When you consider the price point, it’s a tough act to follow.

E-M5II store links:
E-M5II in Black at Amazon, Adorama, BHphoto and GetOlympus.
E-M5II in Silver at Amazon, Adorama, BHphoto and GetOlympus.
E-M5II In Europe at AmazonUK, Jessops, WexUK, Namencolor.