Max Yuryev reviews the E-M1II: Says it’s great for stills but disappointing for video

Let’s turn the world upside down and report about the E-M1II video review from Max Yuryev and the GH5 stills quality review from Imaging Resource.

Max Yuryev says that the camera is disappointing for video shooters. I am not sure all will agree here but check out the video on top to hear why he believes that.

And Imaging Resource tested the GH5 Stills Quality and concluded:

In side-by-side comparisons, the GH5 and GH4 appeared to have no noticeable change in image quality at the same sensitivities through the range. Though colors are better on the GH5, any high ISO improvement is negligible, at least in still photos.

I know both conclusion do not sound great. But keep in mind the GH5 excelles when it comes to video performance while the E-MII is clearly designed for photographers and not film makers.

GH5 at Amazon, BHphoto, Adorama and Panasonic US. In EU at, and ParkCamera.
E-M1II at BHphoto, Amazon, GetOlympus and Adorama. In EU at ParkCameras. WexUK.

SLR Magic 8mm review by Martin Tang

In this video review Martin Tang tests the new SLR Magic 8mm f/4.0 MFT lens (here at BHphoto):

Things I love:
☑ Low wide angle lens distortion
☑ Lightweight and tiny, great for travelling
☑ Perform the best when set to F5.6 or F8

Things I don’t like:
🔹 The silver manual focusing nob is located in the lower right hand, need time to get used to it
🔹 Your finger might turn the aperture ring when you manually focus the lens. (because it’s extremely small)
🔹 Reduce sharpness at the corner of the frame when set at F4.

Dpreview tests the GH5 autofocus performance: “highly capable for more casual action shooting.”

Dpreview tested the GH5 autofocus performance and cthe conclusion is:

Really, what Panasonic has done is proven how good a contrast-detect-only autofocus system can be, and have made a camera that is really far more well-rounded than it might seem at first glance; in other words, the GH5 isn’t just a camera for video enthusiasts. It may not attract the topmost tier of dedicated sports shooters, but on the whole, is highly capable for more casual action shooting.

So far so good!

GH5 at Amazon, BHphoto, Adorama and Panasonic US. In EU at, and ParkCamera.