E-M5/GX1 and lens review roundup (E-M5 again in Stock at eBay UK).

Washing test by 20minutos (Click here / via 100nyc / Thanks Jeff)

One week to go until the E-M5 hits the stores in USA and Europe! Although in some single cases the E-M5 can be found in Europe like it is now on eBay UK (Click here to grab one of the five E-M5 that are in Stock right now). I am really curious to see if the Olympus can surpass both current most requested cameras like the NEX-7 and Fuji X PRO 1 (at least according to A. ranking).

Meantime read some of the latest reviews of the GX1/E-M5:
Imaging Resource (Click here) posted the final Panasonic GX1 review: “Though they missed a few key features users were hoping for, like dual manual control dials as seen on the Sony NEX-7, the Panasonic GX1 is a good start toward making a camera that enthusiasts will appreciate. An increase in resolution comes with an improvement in high ISO performance too
DC.watch (Click here for the translation) posted a set of GX1 + the new Sigma 19mm image samples.
E-M5 preview and image samples at DC.Watch (Click here). The 12-50mm lens got tested by Quesabesde (Click here for the translation).

Links to preorders of the mentioned cameras (Just click the shop name to check availability and price):
GX1 at Amazon, Olympus US store, Adorama, B&H, eBay.
E-M5 at Amazon USA, Adorama, B&H, Jessops, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, Amazon Japan and Digitalrev.
Sigma 19mm at Amazon USA, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, Amazon France.

Video quality test reloaded: GH2 on par (or better?) than the new Canon markIII.

Andrew from EosHD (Click here) posted a new markIII versus NEX-7 versus GH2 video quality comparison: “In my opinion unless you really need a full frame sensor the GH2 is still the best ‘DSLR’ to do video on. If only it had the same build and pro-looks as the 5D Mark III it would be taken more seriously. It isn’t a robust camera to throw around or rent out. The articulated screen (that only consumer cameras seem to have embraced) is a must-have though and the image quality is unbelievably good.

That’s bad news for Canon as the new 5DmarkIII really should have continued the 5DmarkII success story by setting a new standard of video quality. Add the fact that it seems that the camera has Light Leaking issues (Read more about it at Canonwatch.com) and that it is currently being outsold by the Nikon D800 (See the ranking here).

I think it’s a great chance for Panasonic to grab the momentum with the upcoming GH3. All we know for sure is that the GH3 is weather sealed and that it comes in late August/early September. Weeks ago unconfirmed rumors (from unknown Asian sources) shared these specs:

Sensor: 15.5 mega-pixel sensor
Iso: Iso 160-12800, extends to 80-51200
Speed: 6.7fps
Body: Magnesium alloy body, weather sealed, thinner and lighter than GH2
LCD: 3.2″ ips, 1050k-dots, with capacitive touch screen (multi-touch depending on final setting in firmware). LCD tilt-able
EVF: new EVF with 2.06 mega-dots

Probably too good to be true?

NEX-7 versus E-M5 resolution comparison…

Image courtesy: DSLR-Check

Panasonic and Olympus marketing guys are stating that their system is better than the APS-C competition because of the better corner to corner sharpness of the Four Thirds sized sensor. The picture from DSLR-Check (Click on picture to enlarge!) shows the bad resolution performance of the 24 megapixel NEX-7 camera used along the 16mm pancake. Yes, it is unfair to use the cheap pancake for a comparison with some of the best m43 lenses! But our friend Klaus from Photozone (Click here) tested many NEX lenses and none can really take advantage of the 24 megapixel resolution. I am not playing down the NEX system, the Zeiss 24mm f/1.8 is a superb lens and the NEX-7 definitely an interesting camera (and currently the most sold mirrorless camera at Amazon). But this is just a small post to remind you that the lens quality REALLY matters! Invest in good lenses instead of expensive cameras!

Speaking of good lenses here is another review of the Olympus 12mm prime lens at Admiring Light (Click here): “All things considered, this lens has earned a permanent place in my kit.  In fact, I could be pretty happy with only this lens, the Olympus 45mm f/1.8 and the Panasonic Leica 25mm f/1.4“.
Search links to the 12mm lens at Amazon, Olympus US store, Adorama, B&H, eBay.

KTF-Turbo (Click here) tested the 26mm f/1.1 Macro Switar C-mount lens on the GH1. This is actually a very expensive lens and you get it for more than $1000 on eBay (Click here). He also compared the Switar with the upcoming new Micro Four Thirds Sonnetar (Click here to see the comparison).

E-M5 (Pre)order links (Click on store name): Amazon, Adorama, B&H, Jessops, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, Amazon Japan and Digitalrev.

Today Rankings:
USA: E-M5 on position 6/8/9 (Click here)
UK: E-M5 is on position 2 (Click here).
Germany: The E-M5 is on position 13 (Click here).
France: not available (Click here to see rankings anyway).
Japan: E-M5 on position 6/11 (Click here).

Sigma 30mm and 19mm tested by ThePhoBlographer.

You can see some nice images samples taken with the new 30mm and 19mm Sigma Micro Four Thirds lenses on ThePhoBlographer (Click here). I have to admit that while it remains true that I am not happy with the size and slow aperture of the Sigma lenses I am positively impressed by the image quality which is quite good for a $199 lens. Let’s hope they will also do some more of them with a m43 centered design (the current two lenses have been designed for m43 and NEX).

The 19mm f/2.8 lens is now in Stock at Amazon US (Click here), Amazon DE (Click here), Amazon UK (Click here) and Amazon France (Click here).
The 30mm f/2.8 lens is now in Stock at Amazon US (Click here), Amazon DE (Click here), Amazon UK (Click here) and Amazon France (Click here).

Reminder: List of Four Thirds Sigma lenses (Click on link to see them on eBay):
Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6 Sigma 18-50mm f/2.8 Sigma 18-50mm f/3.5-5.6 Sigma 18-125mm f/3.5-5.6 Sigma 24mm f/1.8 Sigma 30mm f/1.4 Sigma 50mm f/1.4 Sigma 50-500mm f/4-6.3 Sigma 55-500mm f/4-5.6 Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 Sigma 105mm f/2.8 Sigma 135-400mm f/4-5.6 Sigma 150mm f/2.8 Sigma 300-800mm f/5.6

New Lensbaby composer review by T. Robichaud. New Zeiss CP.2 lenses.

Tyson Robichaud (Click here) tested a new Lensbaby product for the mirror-less systems which enables access to all of the Lensbaby optics. He writes: “Not only does the Composer Pro offer access to the entire Lensbaby system, it also promises to be much more “future proof” in the event that Lensbaby looks to further diversify its system as the new Composer Pro has worked around the design issues with these mirror-less system mounts that the newer optics had compatibility-wise with the Tilt Transformer.

And Carl Zeiss released two new CP.2 15mm T/2.9 and CP.2 135mm T/2.1 lenses also for m43 mount (Source: Dpreview). They will be available in late 2012 for $5,700 or €4,200 each (VAT excluded). These are special video optimized lenses and perfectly color-matched to allow consistency in footage. Sound good for the current AG-AF100 and the new camcorder that is going to be announced next week!

Links to CP.2 lenses on eBay (Click here).