Precision Camera and the first 60mm macro hands-on. And a Panasonic patent

There is a first short hands-on of the upcoming new Olympus 60mm macro lens at Precision Camera (Click here): “This lens is awesome. It has a great build quality with responsive AF and very quick macro focus.” There is not a lot of info but I guess we will see a real review very soon!

One mroe little news: Egami found a new Panasonic patent showing a heating warning system. Whenever the sensor is getting hot it says you how much time is left before the camera shuts down.

A smart Olympus versus DSRL youtube video (and Italy has indeed crazy E-M5 price!)

Don’t know who made this video! Worth to be seen :)

More E-M5 news:
1) a test with the Auto-S 40mm F1.4 at
2) TheDigitalStory bought a third party E-M5 battery from Amazon.
3) The firmware update is back (
4) And I can’t explain this but indeed Italian stores are selling the E-M5 for much less than other European stores! The body only can be found for 777 Euro at (that’s a 22 Euro discount). And so on eBay Italy here and  here.
5) E-M5 plate at Reallyrightstuff.

Olympus 75mm test by McGilliCuddy (and first user reviews)

First Olympus 75mm User Reviews are also up at Amazon US (Click here to read them).

Damian MCGilliCuddy had the chance to test the Olympus 75mm lens and writes: “very well made, compact and light and stunning IQ – its even a good price all things considered…. any downside, on consideration yes!  Olympus a lens of this quality really should come with its matched lens hood at the point of the purchase… seriously“.

Damian is very “close” to Olympus and they may listen to him. The original hood costs $80 at Adorama or 80 Euro at Amazon Germany. On eBay (via Hong Kong) you can buy a third party standard hood for $15 (Click here) and a tele hood for $16 (Click here).

And now to the preorder options :
In USA Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here)J&R(Click here) and BHphoto (Click here).
Also in Europe  Amazon Germany (Click here), Amazon UK (Click here), Amazon France (Click here) and Amazon Italy (Click here).
In Asia it’s already available at Amazon Japan, Digitalrev and on eBay.

New Olympus 75mm review by Admiringlight (and “non” in Stock status)

While we are still waiting to get our hands on the preordered Olympus 75mm lens Admiringlight posted the final Olympus 75mm review: “I have to say this lens is worth every penny of the asking price.  The absolutely brilliant sharpness, rich color and creamy bokeh make put it among the finest optics I’ve ever had the pleasure to use.“.
And Itmedia (translation here) also tested the Olympus lens. Some image samples at Pen and Tell.

And now le’ts talk about the mostly “non-in Stock” status of the lens. The lens is in Stock in Asia only at Digitalrev and eBay for example. In US BHphoto shipped the very early preorders but none is in Stock now. In UK it’s in Stock via Simplyelectronics which I suspect imports everything from Hong Kong directly (although they say it’s shipping from UK).

a little bit of everything…

Olympus OMD EM-5 + Canon 5D MkII + After Effects + a Stunning Piece of Architecture = Impressive. from Wade Johnston on Vimeo.


My friend Elenea posted her first pictures taken with the E-PL1 I sent her a month ago. Check out her stories at (and tell her what she needs to do better).

A new OMD case at

Panasonic G5 in Island (Focus Numerique).

LX7 versus RX100 at DSLRmagazine (Translation here).

Tokina 300mm lens test at (Translation here).

The 2012 Olympus Visionary Roster (SmallCameraBigPicture).

Using other Raw Converters as Lightroom Pre-Processor (Outbackphoto).