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Optic 2016: Beyond the Snapshot – Advanced Travel Photography with Brenda Tharp

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Meyer Optik announces the Trimagon 95mm f/2.6 MFT lens

Trimagon 95

Meyer Optik annnounced a new Trimagon 95mm f/2.6 MFT lens. But the moment you will read the price I doubt anyone here is going to buy it :)

Technical information:
Light intensity & focal length: f2.6-22; 95mm
Optical design: 3 elements in 3 assembly units
Angle of view: 25°
Filter diameter: 52mm


  • Optical assembly as a classic triplet | 3 lenses/3 units
  • Iris diaphragm with 15 specially calculated steel aperture blades with special anti-reflection coating
  • Compatible with:
    • Canon
    • Nikon
    • Fuji X
    • Sony-E
    • MFT
    • Leica M**
  • Available from early summer 2016
  • RRP: €1,699 (incl. VAT)

a bit of everything…

Nikon 45mm f2.8 Pancake : a video sample (on MFT camera).

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Fredrik:Here’s some quick shots I took with the GX85 and SLR Magic 10 T2.1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TV_GM59mLkY

a bit of everything…

Panasonic LUMIX GX85 4K Video “The Soul of New Orleans, the Soul of a LUMIX”

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