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September 28, 2014
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UPDATED: This is how much smaller the Olympus 300mm lens is compared to the Canon/Nikon version.


43rumros Steve sent me that picture from the Photo Festa 2014. You see the Olympus 300mm f/4.0 size compared to the Canon (here on eBay) and Nikon (here on eBay) lenses. That’s the price and size you pay for Full Frame lenses :)

And also posted some pics of the event. So here they are:

UPDATE: I corrected the ebay links ot the Canon and Nikon 600mm (and not 300mm) lenses.


September 28, 2014
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Weekly 43rumors readers pictures roundup (and Facebook fixed the photo view issue).

Ekah Chi‎
Firefly in the Morning. E-M5 with 12-40mm at 40mm, 2x digital zoom, f/5.6, 1/125s.

Note: Facebook fixed their photo view issue and all 43rumors readers pictures are again available at

1) You can share your pics by using the message box on our 43rumors Facebook page (Click here).
2) All 43rumors readers pictures can be seen here: Like the pictures you like and chat with the authors if you want to know how they took the shot!
3) The most liked pictures and some pics selected by myself will be posted weekly on 43rumors

This is the weekly selection:
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September 27, 2014
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a little bit of everything…

Zhongyi Mitakon 42.5mm f/1.2 Lens sample video (shot with Panasonic GH4 @ f/1.2)
from Steve Yeung on Vimeo.

Olympus 75-300mm tested at SLRgear.
Olympus 25mm lens review at

Anonymous:Most pro cinematographers agree, resolution has nothing on DR and Color Space. Here are 5 reasons to buy the BMPCC for m4/3 video.
An Overlooked Very Cool Feature of the Olympus E-M1 That I Had Previously Overlooked! (Thewanderinglensman)

Spencer:Just wanted to share a short film I shot with my Gh4 Using the panasonic 12-35mm and my 7-14 occasionally:

Tom:I hope it is ok to use this form to send you a link to a video I made about micro jitter in the 35-100. This seems to be a very common issue that can likely be fixed with a firmware fix, if Panasonic bothers to do so. Reports about similar issues are on the 14-140, and previously on 12-35 f.28 until Panasonic did issue a fix for that:

Apefos:Some fantasy ideas about a perfect video camera with HDR video at Personal View“.

Bart:I had the chance to shoot with the Otus 55mm on my GH3:

Marc:I wonder if you’d be kind enough to feature my blog on one of your round ups as my photography blog has been shortlisted for a Blog North Award here in the UK. All of my work is made using Olympus digital cameras (a Pen and an OM-D) so hoped your readers might like to vote for me!


September 25, 2014
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First hacked E-M1 firmware update is available (at your risk).

Lightsnow (Click here) developed two(!) custom E-M1 firmware updates:

“The main feature of this release is, that is a bigger part of the sensor for the 1080p videos. This means that a resolution similar to 4k is read by the sensor and then downscaled to 1080p. You gain a lot of nice things like:
  1. The Auto Focus in videos should be smoother.
  2. Full Sensor read in video mode. No crop.
  3. Better ISO performance in low light video situations
  4. More Dynamic Range in video
  5. This firmware is based on the official version 2.0.”

Of course you have to be aware that this is nto an official firmware from Olympus. It’s your choice to take the risk or not. Lightsnow also promised to add soon 4K recording to the E-M1:

“Next up would be a higher framerate, higher bitrate and of cause the 4k feature itself.”

Sounds exciting…if it works!!!

Silver E-M1 preorder links
Silver E-M1 body at Amazon, Adorama, Bhphoto, GetOlympus. In Europe at Wex UK.
40-150mm f/2.8 PRO lens at Amazon, Adorama, Bhphoto, GetOlympus. In Europe at Wex UK.

September 25, 2014
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a little bit of everything…

The Commute – GH4 + SLR Magic HyperPrime CINE 10mm T2.1
from Jurek Ugarow on Vimeo.

Olympus v. Fuji v. Sony – Camera Shoot-out – Part 5 – Final Thoughts by JoshMcLeod.
Nokton 25mm lens review at Photobyrichard.
7 Days with Metabones’ Canon EF Speed Booster at Suggestionofmotion.
Photokina News Teil 3: Keystone (Pen And Tell).
LX100 image samples on Flickr.
Atomos Shogun 4K recorder RAID quickie (Personal View on Vimeo).
Japanese E-PL7 test at Kasayapa and Mynavi.
Olympus 14-150mm F4.0-5.6 patent at Egami.

Paniko:I’d like to share my last video I did the day before Olympus released the “NO4K firmware update” for the OMD E-M1 :) I’m relatively new to video, but shooting it with a OMD E-M1 does not let myself down and (for now) i’m not feeling the need to buy another camera just for that.

Mark:Hey guys, just wanted to share a video walkthrough of an all-mobile photography workflow. Olympus E-PM2 used in the video!

Capio Studio:Hello 4/3rds here is a sample of the Panasonic GH4 in slow-motion with the AR-15. I hope you enjoy!


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