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May 2, 2010
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The need for speed: Voigtländer 50mm f/1.1


Now that I am testing the Noktor 50mm f/0.95 lens I wish to own the $loc = $_SESSION['geoip'];

if ($loc == 'GB' OR $loc == 'UK')
{ $sel = "1"; ?>Voigtlander 50 Nokton f/1.1 if ($loc == 'ES')
{ $sel = "1"; ?>Voigtlander 50 Nokton f/1.1 if ($loc == 'IT')
{ $sel = "1"; ?>Voigtlander 50 Nokton f/1.1 if ($loc == 'AT')
{ $sel = "1"; ?>Voigtlander 50 Nokton f/1.1 if ($loc == 'DE')
{ $sel = "1"; ?>Voigtlander 50 Nokton f/1.1 if ($loc == 'BE')
{ $sel = "1"; ?>Voigtlander 50 Nokton f/1.1 if ($loc == 'AU')
{ $sel = "1"; ?>Voigtlander 50 Nokton f/1.1 if ($loc == 'FR' OR $loc == 'FX')
{ $sel = "1"; ?>Voigtlander 50 Nokton f/1.1 if ($loc == 'NL')
{ $sel = "1"; ?>Voigtlander 50 Nokton f/1.1 if ($loc == 'CA')
{ $sel = "1"; ?>Voigtlander 50 Nokton f/1.1 if ($sel != '1')
{?>Voigtlander 50 Nokton f/1.1 to make a comparison. The Voigtländer is only half a stop slower but covers the whole fullframe sensor (It is an M-mount lens -> you can use it on the Leica M9!). But unlike the Noktor you need a M-mount to MicroFourThirds adapter and the lens itself costs $400 more than the Noktor ($1.149 ar BHphoto). So I googled around an this is what I found:

Steve Huff wrote a complete Voigtlander 50 Nokton f/1.1 Lens review
– E-PL1 + Voigtländer 50mm f/1.1 test on
– Image samples on flickr
– Olympus E-P1 + Noktor on
– Olympus E-P2 + Noktor on flickr

Check out the price on Ebay: $loc = $_SESSION['geoip'];

if ($loc == 'GB' OR $loc == 'UK')
{ $sel = "1"; ?>Voigtlander 50 Nokton f/1.1 if ($loc == 'ES')
{ $sel = "1"; ?>Voigtlander 50 Nokton f/1.1 if ($loc == 'IT')
{ $sel = "1"; ?>Voigtlander 50 Nokton f/1.1 if ($loc == 'AT')
{ $sel = "1"; ?>Voigtlander 50 Nokton f/1.1 if ($loc == 'DE')
{ $sel = "1"; ?>Voigtlander 50 Nokton f/1.1 if ($loc == 'BE')
{ $sel = "1"; ?>Voigtlander 50 Nokton f/1.1 if ($loc == 'AU')
{ $sel = "1"; ?>Voigtlander 50 Nokton f/1.1 if ($loc == 'FR' OR $loc == 'FX')
{ $sel = "1"; ?>Voigtlander 50 Nokton f/1.1 if ($loc == 'NL')
{ $sel = "1"; ?>Voigtlander 50 Nokton f/1.1 if ($loc == 'CA')
{ $sel = "1"; ?>Voigtlander 50 Nokton f/1.1 if ($sel != '1')
{?>Voigtlander 50 Nokton f/1.1

Do you have any experience with the Voigtländer lens? Let us know what you think!

April 29, 2010
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43rumors message

Today I will finish my latest documentary. The only interesting thing for you about that movie is that for the first time I used short movies taken with the Olympus E-P1. In fact that camera has become very useful for me. Nobody paid attention when I was recording with it! And that created some unique scenes.

So finally stress will be over soon and I can focus on new rumors. During the latest weeks I received some interesting news. A camera announcement is not imminent but I have some hints about what’s coming next. And if the news I received are correct Olympus is definitely going to surprise us!

See you soon!
P.S: Today cross the finger for my documentary presentation ;)

April 28, 2010
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Mirrorless future: MicroFourThirds against the rest of the world

During the latest months I received many mails from people asking me to talk a bit about future mirrorless systems from Canon, Nikon and other companies.
I thought it would be good idea to write one single post to share all I know about the future mirrorless sytems.

A personal note:
I admit, I am not a brand loyal person. I like good cameras, not brands :)
I love the $loc = $_SESSION['geoip'];

if ($loc == 'GB' OR $loc == 'UK')
{ $sel = "1"; ?>Pentax K1000 if ($loc == 'ES')
{ $sel = "1"; ?>Pentax K1000 if ($loc == 'IT')
{ $sel = "1"; ?>Pentax K1000 if ($loc == 'AT')
{ $sel = "1"; ?>Pentax K1000 if ($loc == 'DE')
{ $sel = "1"; ?>Pentax K1000 if ($loc == 'BE')
{ $sel = "1"; ?>Pentax K1000 if ($loc == 'AU')
{ $sel = "1"; ?>Pentax K1000 if ($loc == 'FR' OR $loc == 'FX')
{ $sel = "1"; ?>Pentax K1000 if ($loc == 'NL')
{ $sel = "1"; ?>Pentax K1000 if ($loc == 'CA')
{ $sel = "1"; ?>Pentax K1000 if ($sel != '1')
{?>Pentax K1000, the $loc = $_SESSION['geoip'];

if ($loc == 'GB' OR $loc == 'UK')
{ $sel = "1"; ?>Nikon FE if ($loc == 'ES')
{ $sel = "1"; ?>Nikon FE if ($loc == 'IT')
{ $sel = "1"; ?>Nikon FE if ($loc == 'AT')
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{ $sel = "1"; ?>Nikon FE if ($sel != '1')
{?>Nikon FE system, the $loc = $_SESSION['geoip'];

if ($loc == 'GB' OR $loc == 'UK')
{ $sel = "1"; ?>Mamiya M7 if ($loc == 'ES')
{ $sel = "1"; ?>Mamiya M7 if ($loc == 'IT')
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{?>Mamiya M7, the Canon 550D (T2i) and many other cameras.
And I am very curious to see what’s coming from the competition!

So what should we expect from Panasonic, Olympus, Canon, Nikon, Sony, Samsung and Pentax?

First of all I invite you to follow the website. I am sure they have far better rumors than we about future Canon stuff.
According to our sources Canon will be the last big brand to present their mirorrless system. A mirrorless concept/roadmap could be unveiled on Photokina but my sources do speculate with the official release of their system in 2011. Some speculation: It could use the same APS-C sensor used for the Canon 550D (T2i). Do not expect something revolutionary. They will simply pick-up some of the best tecnology from current mirrorless systems and put their sensor in a new Canon system.
My future interest in the Canon system? 7/10

Our friend Peter from nikonrumors posted many Nikon related “mirrorless” patents. According to his sources Nikon will use a small sensor (smaller than the MicroFourThirds sensor!) for their mirrorless system. Also my sources do confirm that we should not expect too much from Nikon.
My future interest in the Nikon system: 5/10

They have zero resources for developing their own mirrorless system. And the partnership with Samsung is very weak. I really hope Pentax can survive but I don’t see a bright future for them :(
No vote (but I would love to see a Pentax mirorless system!)

They are putting a lot of money for the development into the NX system. The problem is that they have no tradition, no experience and people do not really trust them. Anyway they are currently trying to learn from their mistakes and I am sure that over the long term they will be able to release some interesting cameras (like the compact NX100). The partnership with Schneider-Kreuznach sounds also very promising.
One more thing: I bet they will be the first to create a mirrorless fullframe system!
My future interest in the Samsung system: 7/10 (and if they make a fullframe system: 8/10)

Unlike Samsung they will soon release some nice compact cameras. The problem is that (as usual) Sony will create a strong closed proprietary system. Also the hotshoe is proprietary :(
And I don’t like their relation with the Alpha-folks. An example? They didn’t manage to release one single firmware update for their Sony Alpha cameras.
My future interest in the Sony system: 6/10

Panasonic and Olympus:
Yes, here we are! What’s the future of MicroFourThirds? In my opinion everything depends from the development of the lens system. If they will be able to release some nice lenses only few will switch to other mirroless systems. And according to my sources both companies are working very very hard in that direction. I expect many new lenses to be announced at Photokina. Olympus will announce some nice primes and Panasonic is focusing their development of cheap-good quality lenses (like the Panasonic 20mm f/1.7).
My future interest in the MFT system: 8/10

Please keep in mind that my judgment is based on rumors+speculations and not on facts.

Once again thanks to all of you sending me rumors and news!

P.S.: Sorry if sometimes I do not answer you. At the moment I am really busy at work. Feel free to add me in google chat. You can contact me at any time!


April 27, 2010
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Funny: Canon is “still discussing whether this mirrorless system is just a hype”

Minister Niihori Kenichi (Canon Camera Business Unit) “said that Canon has no plan yet to develop a new system and still discussing whether this mirrorless system is just a hype / temporary phenomenon or the real thing.

I bet Canon is already developing their system!

Source: Radiantlite

April 27, 2010
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Firmware hack brings 720 24p at 24Mbps to Panasonic GH1 (source: eosHD)

According to EosHD a new Panasonic GH1 hack allowed to increase the bit rate to 24Mbps!

The Hacker is called “tester13″ and you he is active on

He even doesn’t own the Panasonic GH1. So may you help him to buy one by donating via paypal  (click here -> the money goes directly to him not to 43rumors!)

Do you have an idea on how to make pressure on Olympus and Panasonic to create cross-compiler environments?

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