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February 1, 2013
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Panasonic displays the 42,5mm and 150mm MFT lens prototypes at CP+

Share (translation here) posted these pictures of the Panasonic lens masp with the two future lens included. There is no info about price and exact release date. Only little curiosity is that the 42,5mm f/1.2 actually got a 43mm mark on the lens. Yeah I know, nothing worth to be mentioned. I would be one of the potential buyers for the 42,5mm lens. But I hope Panasonic will not exaggerate with the price. It’s always difficult to compare lenses but the Canon 85mmf /1.2 has a 2000 Euro/Dollar price tag (eBay price here). I hope the price is somewhere between $1000 and $1200. If it’s higher I would go for the cheap Olympus 45mm f/1.8 instead.

February 1, 2013
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The CP+ roundup (E-P5, Nokton 42.5mm and more).

Images via

The CP+ show in Japan started today and it’s time to make a roundup of the news concerning our Micro Four Thirds system. And finally we got some more interesting news than last days reworked “old” lens announcements :)

New Olympus E-P3 successor:
Olympus (not) showed the E-P3 successor which has been covered with a blue tissue. It’s said tome this year and no other info has been shared. We suspect this PEN has the new integrated Epson viewfinder. The E-P3 is discontinued at BH and from what I heard the camera should come in Spring/Summer. By the way, the new 75-300mm is now availbale for preorder at BH.

New Olympus 2013 roadmap with E-P5, E-5 successor, new OMD and new high end compact:
Olympus anticipated what will come this year. Not only the new PEN (the E-P5?) but also a new OMD model, a new E camera and a new High End compact camera are on roadmap for 2013. There is no other info about these cameras. The high end compact camera may have a large 1 inch or Four Thirds sized sensor. And while unlikely I still believe there is a chance that the next OMD and E camera may be the same camera :)

New Voigtlander 42.5mm f/0.95:
It’s a surprise to see Voigtlander-Cosina announce a lens with that focal length knowing that Panasonic will release a 42.5m f/1.2 lens later this year. Voigtlander didn’t unveil a price and time release info yet. All we know is that minimum focusing distance is 23cm, maximum magnification ratio 1:4. And there is no aspherical lens. While waiting to get more news about it you can save this Slidoo eBay search to get notified when preorders will be up.

Tamron 14-150mm f(3.5-5.8 Di III VC:
There are some pics of the new Tamron zoom at

Noticed something? No real Panasonic news! Where is our GX2? Or the 150mm and 42.5mm lenses? All we see at the Panasonic CP+ booth is the new upgraded 14-42mm lens (Pictures at Focus Numerique).



We had a busy day today. And I am again curious to hear what you find to be the most exciting news…

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January 31, 2013
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Olympus displays the (covered) Olympus E-P3 successor!


Look how Olympus is going to tease us! What you see on top is the E-P3 successor and Olympus will not show it to us for now :(
UPDATE: There is absolutely no official detail yet about possible specs. They only say that they will release that new E-P3 within 2013. And the graph below states that Olympus will release the new PEN, a new OMD, a new E and a new high end compact camera by end 2013.

Source: (Thanks Masato!)

January 31, 2013
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New Voigtlander Cosina 42.5mm f/0.95 lens!

wow guys! Voigtlander-Cosina keep doing great lenses for the MFT system! They just announced a new 42,5mm f/0.95 lens!!!

This is the third MFT lens from Nokton. The ther two are the:
Nokton 25mm f/.095 at eBay.
Nokton 17.5mm f/0.95 at Amazon, Adorama, B&H, eBay.

See at

January 30, 2013
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New GF5 kits (and “older” GF5 kit discounted).

Yesterday Panasonic also announced two new GF5 kits (Source: One with the new 14-42mm lens only and one dual lens kit with the new zoom and the 45-150mm lens. Current GF5 kits (but also GX1 kits) are now discounted and here is a short roundup of the lowest prices in USA for the new GF5 and GX1:

Panasonic GF5 with 14-42mm (non X) lens for $399 at Amazon (Click here). Red kit for $399 at Adorama (Click here).
Red GF5 with X lens for $399 at eBay US (Click here). To get notified on X kit deals save this search on Slidoo eBay.

Body with 14-42mm (non X) lens for $449 at Amazon (Click here).
GX1 with 14-42mm X(!) lens for $499 at eBay US (Click here). To get notified on X kit deals save this search on Slidoo eBay.

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