UPDATE on the Sony 5 axis system. They say it’s not taken from Olympus.

I don’t know if that’s just a “marketing statement” (like Nikon does when they say they use their own design sensor) or the truth. But Sony managers said the 5 axis stabilization from the A7m2 is not taken from Olympus. It’s a proprietary Sony tech. I have to say it sounds quite nonsense to not use Olympus knowledge when you own a big stake int that company. Maybe all Sony did is to adapt it for a Full Frame sensor and that alone “justifies” the “proprietary” statement.

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Gami:re-upload Brokenman Trailer 4K https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=434oiycxleE GH3+voigtlander 25mm +Tokina 11-16mm ,thanks for your support

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Early GH4 firmware update shows V-Log too.

GH4 Beta Firmware Sneek Peak from Matthew Allard ACS on Vimeo.

There may be also a new feature not mentioned in the official Panasonic GH4 firmware announcement coming in December: V-Log! Newsshooter asked Panasonic about that feature:

I spoke to a Panasonic representative who told me that the V-Log Picture Profile was only being tested at the moment and isn’t confirmed for the next firmware release. Interestingly enough though I did run into a Japanese shooter who had V-Log operational on his GH4.

Sony just announced a sort of Full the Frame OMD :)


Sorry for the joke on the title but there is some truth on it :) Sony announced the new Sony A7m2 Full Frame E-mount camera. And it features the same (or similar) Olympus 5 axis sensor stabilization system! I am yet not sure the tech is coming from Olympus. It certainly looks so. I am wondering now how much “deep” the Sony-Olympus collaboration on the camera business is. Will the day come Olympus will use Sony’s Full Frame sensor too?