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Hagen (video on top):I have so much fun with the GH4/slowmo feature – I just have to share. It´s not for pixel peepers since I don´t spend much time for optimizing YT quality. But I thought it´s a nice demo how 1:4 looks in practice. I love those gymnastics girls!

How Does the Olympus 75-300mm Stack Up? (TheDigitalStory).
GM1 review at Eyalg.
Aquatica Announces AGH4 Housing for the Panasonic DMC-GH4 (Divephotoguide).

Christian:I just tested the new 1,2 / 43mm Leica Noctilux with my E-M1 camera. Have a look at my sample pictures. Performance is incredibly good. This is the link to my website with the pictures: http://christianwartner.blogspot.co.at. This is the link to my web album: https://plus.google.com/photos/114233466188372314881/albums/6041102849102564481

Anonymous:Panasonic GF-6 with lens, quite low price: http://www.rajalacamera.fi/panasonic-lumix-dmc-gf6-14-42.html

a little bit of everything…

Paris has opened its annual urban beach along the Seine river. Filmed at 48 % and 200 % with the DMC-GH4
from Pier-Yves Menkhoff Films on Vimeo.

Olympus Stylus 1 Review at NeoCamera.
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Polish Panasonic 15mm 1.7 lens test at Optyczne.
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Leopold:Here is an acoustic music video i shot on the GH3 with the SLRMagic 35/1.4 and the anamorphot. It was some kind of a test shooting for upcoming projects i´d like to shoot with my new gh4 which i´ll get soon. I really like the anamorphot, although it´s not easy to handle when shooting in near distances with the diopters. You have to be very careful to stay in focus especially when shooting wide open. But it´s fun and the look is unique! https://vimeo.com/100743835

Graham:Going through recent photojournalism on the web, I noticed that Jerome Sessini’s beautiful and horrifying photos of the MH17 crash site in Eastern Ukraine were all taken with an EM-1. Warning, graphic content:


Weekly 43rumors readers pictures roundup!

Vic Chang‎
Panasonic GH4 with lumix 12-35mm.
F5.0 1/500 ISO 200 .
@Cappadocia, Turkey.

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a little bit of everything…

BMPCC With $10 Lens – 40mm f1.8

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Article about the GH4 being is the best camera at Stronzvanderploeg.

Jose:I just want to share this music video i made with my Lumix GX7, it just came out last week although it was shot in April and finished in the end of May. I just want people to know that GX7 is a hell of a camera, in the latest news and rumors everyone is dissing this camera. Now i have a GH4 and sold my Canon camera, i took the decision to do that  after i compared the image quality between the Canon and the GX7. All the lights that were used probably cost around $650, we used Samyang lenses with a EF adapter with ISO’s between 200 and 800. Enjoy! https://vimeo.com/98438591

Julien: “Here’s a travel video for South America I filmed on a GH3 and graded with film convert and Osiris LUTs https://vimeo.com/100945600

Sebastian:  “I would like to share this video I made with the almost two year old Panasonic GH3 and 30+ year old Vivitar 28mm f2. https://vimeo.com/101176690

16pads:GX7 + 7$ Rikenon 50mm 2.0 prime at http://vimeo.com/100958195

Jim: “FNAC has a great discount on the GX7 kit with 20mm lens for 750 Euro.