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Advantages of the LUMIX G AF System | Advanced Contrast AF System with DFD Technology

Panasonic GM5 review at Clubsnap.
E-PL7 review at ePhotozine.
Panasonic Lumix DMC-GM1 Review (NeoCamera).
Great Olympus pictures on Instagram.
Image list of Olympus camera+lens physical issues at Omuser.
E-PL7 am Sportplatz – und ein neues, altes Video (Pen And Tell).

Jan:I just finished my review of four Micro Four Thirds standard zoom lenses. You can read the review in my blog (http://www.janundseinekamera.de/micro-four-thirds-standard-zoom-lens-review/)
or watch it on Youtube (http://youtu.be/TGmNJo8_gSk). The results are somewhat surprising. Regards,
P.S. The two links above are in English, but there is also a German version of this review on my blog (http://www.janundseinekamera.de/micro-four-thirds-standard-zoom-test/) and on Youtube (http://youtu.be/df62gVcUDzY).

A bit of everything…

Without You from Sherif Mokbel on Vimeo.

Sherif: “Just wanted o share with you my latest full article about GH4: Guerrilla filmmaking based on a case study of my latest film.
GH4 Guerrilla Filmmaking: Case Study

How to Configure the Panasonic GH4 for Video Production (Suggestionofmotion).
Canon 1D mark IV and the Olympus OMD E-M1 comparison at Surflove.
E-M1 with firmware 2.0 tested at Itmedia.
Olympus M.ZD 75-300mm Mk2 test at DC.Fever.

Leopold:Here is a music video i shot with my GH4! It´s my first one with this camera and my second one with singer/songwriter Georg Neureiter. I´m pretty impressed by the flexibility of this little camera and i really liked shooting outdoor handheld only with available light within just a few hours. Settings are written in the video explanation. Hope you like it!

Mark: “I did a quick video about adapting the Fujian 35mm CCTV lens to Micro 4/3. I kept recommending the lens to friends and the love it, so it made sense to recommend it to everyone. Such a good addition to a camera bag, for $30. http://youtu.be/Y_XNijmhZ4E

Weekly 43rumors readers pictures roundup.

Andreas SE‎
Icehotel Jukkasjärvi
OM-D E-M5 & 17mm f1.8

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