New Veydra 85mm T/2.2 MFT lens announced!

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Veydra announced the new 85mm T/2.2 MFT Cine lens. This is the official description text from Vedyra:

The Veydra Mini Prime 85mm T2.2 is a telephoto focal length for Micro 4/3 cameras. Equivalent to the field of view for a 170mm lens in Full Frame 35mm stills format, this lens is perfect for detail, portrait and longer shots where a tight field of view is required.
Purpose built for cinema acquisition applications, all Veydra lenses feature constant volume focus, 0.8 cinema pitch gears on the iris/focus rings, constant T-Stop, and common front diameter for quick lens changes in a production environment.
All Veydra lenses exceed 4K resolution and are constructed of the finest grade aluminum and optical glass elements with multi-coating for color consistency.
Veydra lenses are designed with quality and value in mind. All Veydra products are priced at the absolute minimum retail price to help you achieve your creative vision.

This is already their sixth(!) MFT Cine lens and most of them will ship soon. Check out their shopping site at

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Jason:Hi 43Rumors, here’s just a short student film I made recently. It’s shot entirely on the Panasonic GH4 and it’s a comedy film that parodies the common tropes of horror movies. Hope you will enjoy it!

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Setsuya Kataoka: Multi-shot will work handheld on future cameras. Digital OM-4 would be great to make!


Dpreview interviewed Mr. Setsuya Kataoka from Olympus. These are some of the interesting information he shared:

1) Future OM-D cameras will be able to create multi-shot high resolution images in such a short time that photographers will be able to use the feature handheld.

2) The most important development of the OM-D E-M5 ll is not the High Res Shot mode itself, but the improvements that have been made to the 5-Axis image stabilization system that makes the High Res Shot function possible.

3) The advantage that the improved 5-axis image stabilization system gives OM-D E-M5 ll photographers outweighs simply having more pixels because it produces better detail in images than a full frame DSLR can handheld

4) It is the limitations of the sensor that prevent Olympus from offering ISO 100 but Olympus hopes this will change very soon.

5) Touch AF: Their suppliers are working on making the touch function available right to the edges of the screen.

6) When asked if he would like to make a digital version of the OM-4, with minimal buttons and no rear screen he said that he would love to and that he had been thinking about it for a long time, but he added that he’d have to concentrate on products that make a profit first!


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