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Micro Four Thirds Standard Zoom Lens Review

Who Needs Interchangeable Lenses? Panasonic FZ1000 Compared To Olympus OM-D E-M10 (Soundimagesplus).
Halloween 2014: le boucher d’Ajaccio (Lepidi).

P13:I’ve filmed a new SLR Magic 10mm lens test with ND on the DJI Ronin in Ogden Water (England). https://vimeo.com/110611884

Jurek:Wanted to share with you and your readers my recent experience of traveling to S. E. Asia with the Panasonic GH4 and the SLR Magic 10mm lens and the SLR variable ND filter. We were away for a month and took in Vietnam, Sri Lanka and the Maldives and I have to say, the slight additional effort in using this manual combination was well worth it. There is a longer commentary in the Vimeo posting. Hope you enjoy. https://vimeo.com/110962913

Pietz:“Welcome To Anywhere II” was entirely filmed with the Lumix G6 and later with the GH4 (14-140mm + 25mm 1.4). Working with the GH4 is just pure joy. It feels like the first camera I’ve used that doesnt hold me back. the 1080p picture looks already very nice, but looking at a still frame you can easily spot that its origin is a video file. In 4k however every frame looks like a perfectly crisp photo. so much so that i sometimes run into trouble when landscape shots don’t have a lot of movement. in the first second it always looks like i inserted a high res photo into the film. no joke. having this much power with a camera this small and no accessories needed is a killer feature for my kind of run and gun travel videography. and with the batteries lasting basically forever i can easily go on a 7 day trip with 3 batteries, no charging needed.
Quick tip on the side: enable the electronic shutter for timelapse photography. the battery will last about twice as long and your shutter will live a longer life :) http://youtu.be/VXIb6a5De_w


Olympus 40-150mm PRO shipping in USA!

The size advantage of the MFT system over the FF by Olympus Imaging.

Our reader K. sent us this:

Not a rumor, but you should know… I received a tracking number for my Olympus 40-150mm f2.8 Pro! They are shipping! FedEx estimates 11/11 for a delivery date. I pre-ordered in the first hour that pre-orders were possible, so let readers know this is probably only the tip of the orders. Also, I ordered from the getolympus.com site. Can’t wait!

40-150mm PRO shipping info at:
In USA/Canada at Amazon, Adorama, Bhphoto, GetOlympus and GetOlympus Canada.
In Europe at Wex UK, Technikdirekt and Amazon.
In Asia at Digitalrev.

Weekly 43rumors readers pictures roundup.

Stephane Lanoux‎
More on StephaneLanoux.com
Olympus O-M10 & 12-40/2.8 — at Musée du Louvre.

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A bit of everything…

DRIVE, The Air Cooled Wanderer Gary Foo by LUMIX GH4

Review of the Olympus PT-EP11 underwater housing at SurfLove.
Olympus M. Zuiko 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 EZ ED MSC Lens Review (ePhotozine).
“decoded” 3rd-party batteries for the Panasonic GH2 to be available (which the camera displays remaining charge for), see at Personal View.
Comparing the Fuji 56mm (with Fuji X-T1) and Panasonic/Leica Nocticron 42.5 (Josh Mcleod)
The Panasonic Lumix CM1 Undergoes Our Tests (Digitalversus).
Panasonic Lumix DMC-GM5 real-world samples gallery posted (Dpreview).
Point Grey Unveils Sony Low-Cost Global Shutter CMOS Sensor (Image Sensor World).
tamron 14-150mm III review in thai at Pantip.

Oliver:I have been reading all the articles of the GH4 since it was announced, and it was clear to me that I have to have this camera. I started selling my Canon Equipment (EOS 5D-II, Lenses, etc..) and bought the GH3 as it was not clear when the GH4 would become available in Austria and we were going to do a Promotional Video for the European Nascar. But then just in time the GH4 was available and we decided to take both Cameras out for a Spin. We made the video with both bodies at 1080/60p. In some scenes we used the awesome slow motion 96fps mode on the GH4. On the GH3 we used the Olympus 12-40 2.8 and on the GH4 the Panasonic 12-35 2.8. If you watch the video you cannot identify which camera was used. Which goes to say that the GH3 is still an awesome Camera.
Like the Video if you enjoy. More stuff will be published as we go along on our new website (still under construction) www.gecko4.com

Full review of the new CINE 10mm T/2.1 MFT lens by Benjamin Lebeau.

Nocturne (BMCC & SLR Magic 10mm T2.1) from Benjamin Lebeau on Vimeo.

Benjamin Lebeau (Click here) posted the full review of the new SLR Magic Hyperprime CINE 10mm T/2.1 MFT lens:

The lens is overall pretty sharp, with a little bit of softness (particularly on the edges) when wide open. If you don’t want any softness, you’ll need to stop down to around T4-5.6, which is what I shot for all of the daytime shots in the video. If you’re in the market for a strong wide lens to combat your MFT crop, this is an excellent option.

You can preorder the lens at BHphoto (Click here).