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December 29, 2011
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Ownusers GH2 battery grip now for sale!


The Taiwanese company Ownuser announced the start of the GH2 battery grip sales. Here is the official press release:

Dear Customer
We will tell you a good news. PANASONIC GH2’s grip is already on the market in 2011/12/20. On this website, you can get more product information.
On this website, you can buy products through PAYPAL (online credit card page, like EBAY)

MIG-PGH2 has four purchase specifications
(1) MIG-PGH2B = only BODY (B = BLACK)
(2) MIG-PGH2AB = BODY + MEB-03-c (A = external AA battery pack)
(3) [New specifications] MIG-PGH2RB =BODY + mini IR 2B & RHS (R = IR Remote, not the wired remote control)
(4) MIG-PGH2RAB = BODY + MEB-03-c + mini IR 2B & RHS

We recommend to buy (1) or (3).
Because AA batteries is not recommended as the main power supply that use on GH2 cameras.
Thanks for your business and support, wish you and your family a merry Christmas and happy New Year.

Best regards,
Ownuser Customer Service


Soon the battery grip will be on sale on eBay too (Click here to search for Ownuser stuff on eBay).

December 27, 2011
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Readers work roundup….(and prices to win at DigitalCameraInfo)

Jeu de Société from SCHAZ on Vimeo.

Simon:Just wanted to share this promo video that was shot exclusively with a GF1. CrumplePop (makers of awesome VFX) is featuring it on their blog! Check it out:

Travis:I shot a bunch of video and stills at the regional bouldering competition my son competed at this weekend.
The gym is extremely dark so I used the 25mm F1.4 the entire time. Even the 45mm F1.8 wasn’t fast enough for the “cave” where most of the climbing took place.
One thing I can say is that the new AF improvements are significant. I now use AFC for video always. The expanded touch screen for AF is also a huge bonus. I also didn’t really miss the high bit rates from the hack at all. Hopefully, the new firmware will be hacked soon so we can have the best of both worlds.
This footage was basically unedited in terms of color and affects. The only thing I did was add in some sharpness because I didn’t have it set to do that in camera.

Andrew:Hello, I wanted to share a unique single-take music video which I shot on the AF-100 with a PL mount Cooke 18-100 T.3 lens: I also recently co-directed a full length climbing film on 2 AF100s. here is the trailer:

Brian:I wanted to share a promotional video that I shot on a Panasonic GH2 for Anime World Chicago. No hacks or expensive toys. Just my camera, the 20mm pancake lens, and a tripod.

Mike: just sharing, shot with GH2 and 5N….. ab geht’s nach Africa/Kenya morgen, bin ende Dec wieder zurück. wünsche dir schöne weihnachten!

Farrukh:Created our first video clip with the EP3 and the PL 25mm. Love the combo! and

Hakan:Here is a little bit of everything, I took your words in plain ” Enjoy the time with your families and take some nice pictures of them”:

Alex: “Not really a rumor, but wanted to share a funny Christmas music video. Shot with Panasonic GF1 and Sony EX3.

P.S.: Digitalcamerainfo (Click here) is giving away a 9-piece grand prize worth over $4000. They are going to reveal one piece of the prize everyday until New Year’s, starting with a Sony NEX-5N.

December 25, 2011
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Merry Christmas!

A short post to wish you all Merry Christmas! Enjoy the time with your families and take some nice pictures of them ;)

Greetings from Antwerp!


December 22, 2011
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Private message appendix…(Olympus camera in February?)

Dear readers,

Many of you worried about me because of the post I wrote yesterday. I only wanted to add that I am not sick, and I am not going to stop the activity on 43rumors. I am having some issues to solve within my family and that’s why I could miss to post some news or not be that fast to answer your emails. So if it happens that you don’t hear about me for a few days you should know that I am very likely busy with family business.

That said, I really appreciate your kind words. It’ really gave me some energy I lost during the last weeks. I will need that because I know we are going to see many new m43 products within the next weeks. There will be the enw Panasonic lenses and I have been told Olympus could launch the new camera in February (yes, the new “revolutionary” camera). I will keep working on those rumors and I am glad we can have such an interesting time to share together.

Merry Christmas!

December 21, 2011
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Sony and Fuji ready to acquire Olympus shares?

Reuters reports that: “Olympus Corp is preparing to issue about $1.28 billion (100 billion yen) in new shares to bolster its depleted finances, with Japanese high-tech stalwarts Sony and Fujifilm seen as possible buyers, the Nikkei business daily reported.” Reuters also says that Panasonic could join the “share shopping” too. This really sounds like a very vague rumor. Before Reuters and Bloomberg reported that also Samsung and Hoya may be interested in an Olympus acquisition. Such news are no-news anymore :)

All I know from my sources is that Olympus has a very close relation to Fuji, and there are rumors that Olympus is talking with Fuji a way out of the financial mess. But that’s just a rumor. I think it will not pass a lot of time that we will see Olympus real steps.

UPDATE: BBC reports that “Japanese prosecutors have raided the headquarters of camera and medical equipment maker Olympus as part of an ongoing investigation.”

P.S.: Olympus gives us some nice new m43 cameras and lenses soon so that we can help you out with our money!


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