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Andreas-Joachim Lins‎
Olympus PEN-F // M.Zuiko 12-40mm @20mm // F9.0 // 1/200s // ISO 80

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Panasonic decided to dismantle the camera division and to put it under the umbrella of other business divisions

Nikkei reports that Panasonic will dismantle six of their divisions. The camera division will be put under the umbrella of other business division to streamline the costs:

The proposal drawn up by Panasonic’s business planning department, based on President Kazuhiro Tsuga’s ideas, calls for reforms to six money-losing businesses.

digital cameras, private branch exchange telephone systems and optical disk drives — will be dismantled. Each will be scaled back and placed under the umbrella of other operations, with headcount to be reduced.

This is an effort to reduce personal and costs. What’s also interesting is that they plan to quite from the semiconductor business. But as reported by Nikkei:

Restructuring is not enough; company needs new growth drivers

And the current Panasonic plan seems to not focus on finding new growth drivers :(

a bit of everything…

CP+ Entaniya 360 Fisheye lens

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GH5 Sample Footage No. 4; Slow Motion, 1080p @ 180fps (Joseph Linaschke).
Panasonic’s new camera tech can read your heart rate (Cnet).
Oly 7-14 Pro review (Tyson Robichaudphotography)
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How Aspect Ratios Affect the Look of Your Pictures (Explora).

Plenty of news on the facebook E-M1II group and the GH5 group.

Vegetable Police:(Relaxing Ambient Music Video) Shot with the Panasonic G85 and Mitakon 25mm f0.95 lens youtu.be/6u_Sy0Fk2zw

Cascable 3.0 Beta Program for Panasonic Photographers

Many of you may not know the Cascable software which allows you to wirelessly copy photos to your Photos library, Lightroom catalog, or anywhere else on your Mac. Now Cascable launched the 3.0 Beta Program which support Panasonic cameras:

We’re hard at work on Cascable 3.0, which we’re planning to release sometime in Spring 2017. One of the biggest features will be expanded camera support, adding a wide variety of Fujifilm and Panasonic models. Since adding this many cameras is a large undertaking, we’re starting a beta testing program in April that is essentially Cascable 2.x with added camera support. This allows us to focus on camera stability and performance while we work on new features separately.

For more information on what Cascable is, see the Cascable homepage.

To take part in the program, you’ll need iOS 10 installed on your iPad, iPhone (5s/c or higher) or iPod touch, a supported WiFi-enabled camera and a healthy appetite for pushing buttons until stuff breaks. If you have these things, fill out the form below and we’ll consider you for thebBeta program!