a little bit of everything…(make prints from 4K footage, new Oly workshop in Ireland)

AF during video comparison, GH4 vs GH3

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Adam:I would be grateful if you checked out some of my latest black and white work! http://www.adamthirtle.com/tagged/bwpage

Ben:I mentioned that I’m running a 2-day workshop for photographers to try out all the latest Olympus OM-D gear, in West Cork, Ireland. It runs during the weekend of the Baltimore Wooden Boat and Seafood festivals, May 24-25.
Following a request, I’m now offering a one-day option now as well. People may come for the Saturday only and the fee is £90.
I’ll have OM-D E-M1s, E-M10s and E-M5s, and all the top Olympus primes and zooms, also Sigma m4/3 lenses and a couple of the new Manfrotto tripods. The program includes a boat trip, to photograph boats under sail and the coastal landscape and sea-life; a pass for the castle, whose roof terrace gives the best view across the harbour; a hosted visit to an exhibition of superb local photography; and plenty of time for photography and to enjoy the bustle of the festival. It promises to be a great weekend.
The cost for the two-day workshop is €215, and Olympus are giving everyone a €60 cash-back voucher for OM-D/PEN camera or lens purchases.

свадьбография.рф:new hacked GH2 work on vimeo“.

Joe:This is Joe Farace from MirrorlessPhotoTips.com: Many of our readers liked our post about making a 60-inch wide print from a frame grab from 4K video from a Lumix GH4. Maybe your readers will find it interesting too. Here is the link:

Olympus “Black Magic” patent: AF system that predicts object moving directions!

Egami spotted a new Olympus patent that falls under the category “Black Magic”:)

As you know it’s a big challenge for any camera to keep moving objects in focus while they are moving through your frame. Well Olympus seems to have found a way to analyze the image so that it can “predict” where the objects will move. An example is a train on rails:

Quite easy in this case. We will have to see how this could work when you try to predict the track of crazy running kids!

Sony A7s gets a pricing. Costs $900 more than the GH4.

The first real Panasonic GH4 competitor is the Sony A7s. And today Sony unveiled the pricing which is $2499 at Amazon. So let’s just take a short look about the advantages and disadvantages of each camera:

Sony A7s advantages:
Super clean High ISO. ISO range goes up to 409,600.
Full Frame look (that for some people is an advantage).
Big pixels likely means Higher Dynamic range and Color fidelity.
Superior Stills Image Quality (but with a bit less Megapixels)

Panasonic GH4 advantages:
4K recording on SD cards (A7s needs an external 4K recorder and can record XAVC-s 50Mbit/s at best)
10 bit output (A7s has 8bit output)
Autofocus is much faster (A7s autofocus pretty much sucks)
More available native lenses and cheaper. A7 system only has five (mostly expensive) FE lenses right now.
Powerzoom lenses (A7s has one on roadmap but price and release still have to be defined).
$900 cheaper.
Actually it’s $2900 cheaper if you want 4K because the A7s “forces” you to buy the Atomos Shogun (here at BHphoto)

In short:
Let me know if I forgot to mention som major differences. But so far it looks like that overall the GH4 has the edge. I am sure at photokina we will get more and likely also cheaper 4K cameras. And we have to see by then if Panasonic managed to sell plenty of GH4 cameras…

a little bit of everything…

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Jahawi:It’s not a rumour, and it may seem a bit out dated with all the talk of the GH4 but this is a trailer of an upcoming documentary i’ve been working on in the North coast of Kenya. All the underwater footage and most of the topside stuff was shot on a Panasonic GH3. Thought it may be something different for the m43 readers! The full documentary will be going to the Smithsonian Museum Of Natural Histroy in Wahsington this summer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ee1bcP9FXVc.

Eric:I took my GH4 for a test shoot around Seattle, including a helicopter ride over this beautiful city with fantastic results (Watch the video at Vimeo). I think this camera is going to be very popular for aerial video.  The sharpness and dynamic range are unlike anything I’ve ever seen from a DSLR before.  I also tested the time lapse mode in the camera and absolutely love it.  The cameras ability to create 4K videos from the time lapses in-camera is a luxury that saves hours of post production.