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December 22, 2012
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Amarcord: Olympus Trip 35!


We now know that Olympus sometimes takes inspiration from the past Olympus film cameras to create new digital cameras. That’s why I am now digging back to show you some of their popular and historical cameras. The first one we talked about was the Olympus 35 RD (article here on 43rumors). Today I quickly show you an amazing little camera with fixed lens, the Olympus Trip 35 (auctions here on eBay).

What’s so special on the Olympus Trip 35mm?
First of all that Olympus sold ten million(!) of these cameras from the ’60’s to the early ’80’s. It has a super sharp 40mm f/2.8 lens. And Olympus managed to give you Automatic Exposure while the Trip 35mm uses no battery! How is it possible? It used a solar-powered selenium light meter.
It is a very compact camera with a rangefinder. I suggest you to watch this youtube review video to get an idea of the size and superb build quality of the camera. This was the perfect holiday camera of the time but also pro photographers used like the British photographer David Bailey.
That is simply put one of the most popular Olympus camera ever made. I doubt Olympus will make a digital version of it (fixed lens and compact design). But you never know…

And because they produced so many of them you can find plenty of auctions on eBay (Click here). Or alternatively look at Slidoo eBay to slide through the results.

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December 21, 2012
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a little bit of everything…(E-M5 most voted camera of the year at

Christmasy Things – SLR Magic 35mm T1.4 from Gerald Lee on Vimeo.


Panasonic GH3 – Review and User Experience – Part 8 at Soundimagesplus.
Hitler is unhappy about the Panasonic Lumix GH3 on youtube.
GH3 test , a file in Apple ProRes 422 – A first test low light on vimeo.
The E-M5 is the most voted and best camera of the year at
Olympus XZ-2 vs Nikon P7700 review at Camerahoarders.
New set of refurbished PEN cameras of all kind at Olympusmarket.
Three E-M5 lens and flash kits sold for 900 Euro on eBay UK.
Gerhard:Just shoot a video on the new FUJI X-E1 and like to post the link on 43rumors if it fits the content. I used Olympus glass on a hacked GH2.
Tennyson:I’ve done a comparison between the 60mm macro and 75mm for general shooting:
Jackson:Thought you might like this. According to this item, OM-Ds were used in making the latest Mad Max movie!

December 20, 2012
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a little bit of everything…

Christmas shopping in Paris (Testing GH3) from PhilMyself on Vimeo.

Here is a short roundup of MFT related news:
Win An Olympus OM-D And More With Team McGillicuddy (ePhotozine).
Olympus 15mm f/8 Body Cap Lens review at SLRgear
Olympus 75mm mini review at Photofocus.
Low price camera grip for “E-PL5″ (
Panasonic changing photography report at Quesabesde (translation here).
Panasonic GF5 Review at Sansmirror.
You remember the weird camera patent from Panasonic? It may be a Bird cam (they are here on Amazon).
A Panasonic lens patent describing manual control function (Freepatentsonline PDF).
Lorenzo:I thought you might be interested in knowing I recently took a GH2 to Burkina Faso for my PhD research. I worked with it for a whole year and it always performed well, even with the high humidity levels and terrible fine dust. All my videos here are shot with it in the course of that year:

December 18, 2012
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Olympus releases new firmware update for the E-PL5 and E-PM2!

Olympus Japan just issued version 1.1 firmware for the new E-Pl5 and E-PM2. It fixes the following issue:
– Unstable exposure, while using lenses that cannot communicate with cameras (such as OM or body cap lenses), has been improved.

December 17, 2012
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More E-M5 hack news…(will be a challenge to really do it)

Thanks to our reader Nicolas work many people is now trying the focus peaking trip. And here is one of the new videos!


Another anonymous hacker contacted me to give us some update about the E-M5 hack possibility. It sounds like it will be a hard work to realize a project like this. Here is what he wrote:

- A hack, or hacks, are by all means doable, but would require a similar, if not more, effort than VK’s Lumix hacks. The camera runs uITRON realtime OS
- I was able to download the BIN versions from the following URLs:[version]_0000_0000.BIN – [version] is 1300 for 1.3, 1500 for 1.5 etc.
This firmware can still be unpacked and analysed with tools found in this thread: – it can also be successfully re-packed after modification. This shows that the firmware format hasn’t changed since it has been figured out first, which is 2010 or earlier. A child could download the firmware and analyse it.
- After unpacking the firmware I spent some time searching for clues in various strings found in language files and executable code. Plenty of traces of debug mode and debug command shell, but no trace of focus peaking or any other “hidden” features. Also no obvious signs of new Accessory Port gadgets. There are however references to AVCHD folder structure. The camera also uses open source libPNG for PNG file handling, and uses OpenGL runtime and/or a 3D chip from Digital Media Professionals, inc.”

I am sure many E-M5 owners would support the hacker group working officially on such a long project. Let us know if you need some kind of support!

E-M5 at Amazon, Adorama, B&H, Jessops, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, Amazon France, Amazon Japan and Digitalrev.

E-M5 Case:
There is the official CS-36FBC Olympus case. A leather half case from Hong Kong. A full leather case with strap from Cina. Than we have half cases from two well known producers, Zelenpol, Kaza and Gariz.

E-M5 Batteries, and other things:
The Olympus GS-4 strap and the DSTE E-M5 batteries you have to use with an extra charger. There is an E-M5 car charger a new E-M5 LCD screen and a Front Cover+ Top Panel.

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