Panasonic goes fashion: GM1 Art editions for show at Photokina.

Image courtesy: ePhotozine.

I don’t know what’s the purpose of this but Panasonic displayed some special “Art edition” GM1 cameras. Don’t think these will go for sale. Or is Panasonic trying to check if they can follow Leica and Hasselblad route of special limited edition camera sales?

Good news! Schneider confirms MFT lens development. 14mm f/2.0 will cost “over” 1.000 Euro.

Image courtesy: ePhotozine

ePhotozine posted the first hands-on pictures with the two new Schneider MFT lenses. And also has good news to report:

They advised us that the company is still planning on releasing the Micro Four Thirds lenses, after originally being delayed, and were able to show us working samples of the lenses. The price and release dates are not yet finalised, however they are in talks with retailers at the moment to get them into stores. The price is likely to reflect the premium quality of the German made lenses, with the 14mm lens likely to be over 1000 euros.

Interesting. You see the 14mm f/2.0 and the 30mm f/2.4. UPDATE: We have been told the third lens, the 60m macro is still on roadmap!

Note: Both lenses have full AF and electronic Aperture control!

Image courtesy: ePhotozine

Olympus and Panasonic Photokina videos and images!

The orange GM5 pictured by Admiringlight

If you cannot go at Photokina but wanna see how it looks like being at the Olympus and Panasonic booth just check out those videos:

Open Concept camera (Youtube).
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Hands On: Panasonic LX100, GM5, Voigtländer 10.5mm f/0.95 and more (Admiringlight).
Photokina 2014 All Day Live (Part 3: Panasonic LX-100 & GM5) o Youtube.
Hands-on with the ultra-compact Panasonic 35-100mm f/4-5.6 telephoto zoom lens (Imaging Resource).
Panasonic stand report by Dpreview.
CM1 hands-on in Spanish (Youtube)
Panasonic presentation at Photokina (Youtube) (it’s part one and more parts will follow)

Samyang announces a 50mm f/1.4 lens for MicroFT and also for Four Thirds!

Image courtesy: ePhotozine.

I finally have a good news to report for “Old” Four Thirds users too! You just got a new lens from Samyang! The enw 50mm f/1.4 lens comes for both MicroFourThirds and FourThirds mounts! No official info on pricing yet but price should be around $549 just like the Cine version (Click here).

UPDATED: First pictures of the Olympus 300mm f/4.0 and 7-14mm prototype lens!

ePhotozine (great work guys!) posted the first pictures of the Olympus 300mm f/4.0 prototype lens! Olympus released no info about detailed specs and price but the lens will be released next year (2015). For reference: Teh 1 stop faster Four Thirds 300mm costs $6499 at BHphoto.

UPDATE: Admiringlight also posted pictures of the 300mm and the 7-14mm mockup lenses. He writes:

The Olympus employee noted that they were only mockups, rather than working lenses. The finish on these two lenses appears identical to the other two Olympus Pro lenses, and the 300mm f/4 looks to be roughly the same size as the 40-150mm, which isn’t too bad at all.

Let’s hope Olympus will not let us wait oo much before we can get the final production version in our hands!

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