What should Panasonic come up with next? G7-GF7 or something else?

Panasonic pleased us with many great new cameras this year:
Panasonic GH4 (Amazon, Olympus US store, Adorama, B&H, eBay)
Panasonic GM5 (Amazon, Olympus US store, Adorama, B&H, eBay)
Panasonic LX100 (Amazon, Olympus US store, Adorama, B&H, eBay)
Panasonic FZ1000 (Amazon, Olympus US store, Adorama, B&H, eBay)

That’s a pretty nice lineup and some of those cameras are yet not matched by the competition! So it’s hard to think about what Panasonic should do as next.
Now I am asking 43rumors readers. What cameras is “needed”? What should Panasonic do?
Please comment this post with your suggestions and I will sum them up in a POLL to post later.

Here is an example of my list:
1) Launch a $199 Panasonic GF entry level MFT camera
2) Launch a new Full Frame mount camera to compete against the Sony A7 series.

P.S.: A personal note on Full Frame. Like many of you I know well that 99% of the people doesn’t need Full Frame. It’s not going to make you a better photographer. But people also doesn’t need SUV but that’s what many do buy nowadays and that’s where carmaker make money. I think the move to FF is necessary from a business point of view. From a purely photographic point of view it makes little sense.

Olympus interview at DC.watch.

Yasuharu Mr. Yamada and Tsuyoshi Fukuda (both responsible for the 40-150mm lens design)

The Olympus 40-150mm PRO lens designers have been interview by DC.watch. There are many detailed information about the High Quality of material used by the new PRO zoom. Like Super ED lens, dual focus system and so on. And it’s also cool to see many of the pictures on DC.watch. Beside that there are also some more general info like:

1) The PRO lines’ goal is to beat the SHG lens series performance (like the Four Thirds Olympus 14-35mm f/2.0 (here on eBay) and the 35-100mm f/2.0 (here on eBay) lenses.

2) The upcoming 300mm PRO ha a f/4.0 aperture to allow a compact size and small weight. Mobility is high on our priority list.

3) If the request is high we will make very fast primes (43rumors note: Olympus already hinted that fast primes will come in 2015)

40-150mm PRO shipping info at:
In USA/Canada at Amazon, Adorama, Bhphoto, GetOlympus and GetOlympus Canada.
In Europe at Wex UK, Technikdirekt and Amazon.
In Asia at Digitalrev and Amazon Japan.



A Bit of everything…

LX100 Day 3 – Canon 70D vs Panasonic LX100 by Peter Gregg

When Price is Not an Issue: A Roundup of High-End Photo Gear at BHphoto.
Better still pictures from 4K video? (HDRinstant).
Olympus Japan announced the red and silver E-PL7 double kit.
IBELUX 40mm F0.85 to be released in November in Japan (DC.watch).
Mill Valley Film Festival trailer in 4K by Gary Yost.

CurrentlyHD:LX100 Lens flare Problem? http://youtu.be/JnR3W5__E_8. LX100 15 min. 4k recording limit for 1 hour http://youtu.be/Cy7owYSGOx4

Mohammad Ashkanani:This Video was captured using GH4 with iso between 1600-3200 and panasonic 25mm 1.4 and seaming fisheye 7.5mm http://vimeo.com/111334681

Dario Viola:A video review of the Velbon Pole Pod: http://vimeo.com/81284635

Tom James Pinsard:World powerboat championships shot on the GH3 and GH4. https://vimeo.com/107621146

Izhar Ashdot:A new music video that I co-directed and edited for legendary Israeli singer Netanela. We shot with two GH4’s. One was mounted on a Gremsy gStabi H14 stabiliser and the second one on a DJI S900 Hexacopter. https://vimeo.com/109293623

Pasu Au Yeung:A night trip at Hong Kong’s umbrella revolution. Shot with steadicam http://youtu.be/lhoT8LYQnRw #UmbrellaRevolution #occupyHongKong

Juha Hansen:Entirely Shot on GH4, Lumix 12-35 @ 2.8, 1080 25p, 200mbps, max ISO 3200. Sound taken from Sennheiser lavalier mic, wireles directly into the camera. http://youtu.be/HfagSc-9PAU

Weekly 43rumors readers pictures roundup.

Cesar Luis
Nov 9th, 5:02pm
GH4 + olympus 35mm f2.8

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This is the weekly selection:

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A bit of everything…(LUMIX GM Lenses with Scott Mellish)

Learn more about the new LUMIX GM Lenses with Scott Mellish

Panasonic FZ1000 Shooter’s Report Part II: Head-to-head with the Sony RX10, but which will triumph? (Imaging Resource).
Our Olympus PEN Lite E-PL7 Review (Steve Digicams).

Omar:Below is a link to my new book that I just published.  The book represents an evolution of camera equipment while taking photographs for the past 12-13yrs years.  I started out using SLRs and slide film for my first photographs, then DSLRs, and then moved to m43 (GH1 and E-PM2) and LX3-7 because of their portability while going on 160 km backpacking trips. http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/sinai-omar-attum/1118923689?ean=9789774166617

Erik:I just got back from a week-long trip to Iceland and put together this beautiful video I shot with my LX100.  I had my GH4 with me on this trip, but it stayed in my bag for the most part after discovering how much I loved shooting with the LX100.  The video quality is fantastic and pretty close to the quality the GH4 produces.  Here’s the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qkvoptWnkxQ

Sjoerd:Recently I started a new website about Micro Four Thirds in the Netherlands (in Dutch) http://www.micro-four-thirds.nl. I hope that this site will contribute in the popularity of MFT, as in the media MFT is often overruled by the bigger DSLR brands. On the site I try to blog about photography as wel as video. I’ve added a link to your site. This summer I went with my family to Malaysia where I shot this video on a GH3 http://youtu.be/9ej9hYUkN9k

Sagie:Here is a fashion editorial/video art that I filmed with my GH4 camera and infra red (pink) effect (Panasonic 75 – 300mm, 12-35mm 2.8), photographed at The Loch, a natural untouched area in Central Park New York.
You are more than welcome to watch and share: https://vimeo.com/111251078