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BMCC vs BMPC4k | Detail Comparison (Updated) from bradbell.tv on Vimeo.

E-M1 review at NeoCamera.
TowerJazz on Panasonic CIS Process Availability (Image sensor world).
Olympus Magazine May Edition at Olympusmag.

Eric:Apparently my Olympus 12-40mm lens is fated to be a durability proof for the lens (thought by some to be fragile). I have another story of its surviving a near-death experience on my blog: http://www.seldomscenephotography.com/2014/05/18/denvers-union-station-architecture-and-how-not-to-treat-a-nice-lens/

Justin:Hi, I live in Melbourne Australia.  You can buy the Olympus O-MD E-M1 with 12-50 lens here at the moment and get $300 cash back from Olympus via redemption.  Plus, on top of that I received an email from a store called JB HI-FI today offering another $400.00 off!!  This is an email only offer and you need to print out the voucher and present it at the store.  I can’t find the $400.00 offer on their website, only via the email.  Ends Sunday 25th of may.  If you have an email address I can forward you the email they sent me.

Heather: “I thought this list of 10 professional photographers who use the E-M1 for work might be of interest to those readers who are considering making the switch but are still on the fence. :- Bestmirrorlesscamerareviews.com

Johannes:Video Project for my University, recorded on the Panasonic G6:  http://macromedia-future-award.com/feiern-gehen-im-jahr-2039/ Please vote for us, we can win up to 5000€!

Olympus financial report: Company doing well but Camera business in loss.

Olympus disclosed the full financial report for the year 2013. You can find plenty of documents here: http://www.olympus-global.com/en/ir/. The most important file is that pdf (download here).

While the good news is that the company as a whole is doing just fine the main problem is their Imaging Business. They failed to achieve their goals and showed a new loss in 2013. Furthermore Olympus now expects a loss for 2014 too. A great analysis has also been posted by Thom Hogan at Sansmirror. Here are a couple of key points:

– Olympus main loss is due the decreasing compact camera market. Also mirrorless system camera sales weren’t as high as expected.
– Olympus plans to reduce investment in the compact camera business (V-line is dead for example). They will focus on high-end mirrorless system cameras.
– Focus is on OMD models rather than PEN
– Olympus expects a small growth in mirrorless camera sales this year.
– Good news: Olympus didn’t make major cuts in Research and Development. It means they keep pushing MFT! Olympus also says that resources from the compact camera division will be used for the MFT system development.
– Olympus wants to streamline their sales line too (more direct sales and focus on cities).

So it’s not a surprise that we will get one new PEN “Only” (the E-Pl7). And I expect some high end MFT products at Photokina.

Here is the full report:

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a little bit of everything…(make prints from 4K footage, new Oly workshop in Ireland)

AF during video comparison, GH4 vs GH3

Interview by David Lebovitz of food photographer Michael Lamotte, who uses a GX7 (Davidlebovitz).
Shooting 4K for 2K on the Panasonic GH4 plus my pre-review short film (EosHD).
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Review: Panasonic DMC-GH4 Micro Four Thirds HD/4K Camera (Dvinfo).
40-150 to 35-100 comparision on Youtube.

Adam:I would be grateful if you checked out some of my latest black and white work! http://www.adamthirtle.com/tagged/bwpage

Ben:I mentioned that I’m running a 2-day workshop for photographers to try out all the latest Olympus OM-D gear, in West Cork, Ireland. It runs during the weekend of the Baltimore Wooden Boat and Seafood festivals, May 24-25.
Following a request, I’m now offering a one-day option now as well. People may come for the Saturday only and the fee is £90.
I’ll have OM-D E-M1s, E-M10s and E-M5s, and all the top Olympus primes and zooms, also Sigma m4/3 lenses and a couple of the new Manfrotto tripods. The program includes a boat trip, to photograph boats under sail and the coastal landscape and sea-life; a pass for the castle, whose roof terrace gives the best view across the harbour; a hosted visit to an exhibition of superb local photography; and plenty of time for photography and to enjoy the bustle of the festival. It promises to be a great weekend.
The cost for the two-day workshop is €215, and Olympus are giving everyone a €60 cash-back voucher for OM-D/PEN camera or lens purchases.

свадьбография.рф:new hacked GH2 work on vimeo“.

Joe:This is Joe Farace from MirrorlessPhotoTips.com: Many of our readers liked our post about making a 60-inch wide print from a frame grab from 4K video from a Lumix GH4. Maybe your readers will find it interesting too. Here is the link: