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January 9, 2013
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And again new tidbits about the Polaroid iM1836. Would you buy it?


The Polaroid iM1836 is the first non-Panasonic and non- Olympus camera that will also be compatible with MFT lenses. And here are some more facts about the camera:

1) The US company Sakar actually makes the camera. It borrowed the Polaroid name and (although not official) it also seems to have borrowed the Nikon J1 design.
2) The camera is modular. It means it has no sensor built into the camera itself. It’s built into the lens in case of the original Polaroid lenses (with 1 inch sensor). And while they didn’t say much about it I suspect there will be a MFT adapter with built-in sensor. You should be able to use all MFT lenses attached on that adapter.
3) Just to avoid any mistake. There is also a second model called “iM1030″ that doesn’t run Android OS (while the iM1836 is based on Android).
4) There is no production version of the camera yet and price will be close to $400.

All in all this is an attempt to build an “universal camera” a la Ricoh GXR. A camera with support for all possible system lenses and based on an open source platform. Will it work out? My answer is …no :)

Would you buy that Polaroid camera to use your MFT lenses on it?

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January 9, 2013
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Leaving Leica And Going Micro Four Thirds

Image courtesy: Leicarumors

What happens when you realize how cool the Micro Four Thirds world is?

What I am going to feature is almost a Christmas tale (because it happened on Christmas) :-)

J Shin wrote a long and interesting post at Leicarumors about how it came to the abandoning of the Leica world, and to the entry into the MFT world. Definitely worth to be read.

Have fun!


January 8, 2013
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Amarcord: Olympus PEN EED.

Let’s keep talking about past Olympus cameras and today I will shortly introduce you to the PEN-EED (auctions here on eBay). As you see it had a built in optical viewfinder. Produced from 1967 to 1972, it is a more expensive automated-exposure model, with a CdS meter, a 32mm f/1.7 lens and a hot shoe. Why did Oly created the EED? The Pen E had no fast lenses and  only slow shutter speeds, The Pen D’ had no automatic exposure. The EED combined the best from both cameras. And how did Olympus advertise this camera? Just look at the image here:


A list of all PEN-EED auctions can be found on eBay (Click here) or via Slidoo (Click here).

Source: Olypedia, pdf manual at Butkus, Image samples can be seen at Rangefinderforum.


January 7, 2013
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New Polaroid mirrorless camera can take MFT lenses (with adapter).

Update: hands-on video at engadget.

It's common in our Micro Four Thirds world to use third party lenses on MFT camera via the use of adapters. But what about using MFT lenses on other cameras? Polaroid just did that, a new mirrorless camera that is compatible with MFT lenses with the use of an adapter. I am wondering why they didn't make it with native MFT mount. There is little info about the camera now:

18 megapixel, 1080p video, Android OS, 3.5 inch display, pop-up flashand $399 price with a 10-30mm lens included.


via Engadget, Mashable.


January 5, 2013
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a little bit of everything…

2012-13 Cinematography Show Reel from Chris Forshaw (shot with GH2 and GH3)

Olympus 17mm f/2.8 test at SLRgear.
Olympus 15mm pancake test at Lepidi and at Quesabesde.
Lumix X 12-35mm f/2.8 review (Soundimagesplus).
Panasonic Lumix G 20mm f/1.7 ASPH test at Fotopolis (translation here).
Olympus 60mm macro first impressions at ThePhoBlographer.
Geometric distortion correction (M43photo).
Panasonic Lumix DMC-SZ1 Review (Photographyblog).
Marocchio: “Not a rumor, but here’s the full collection of capsule toy pens that are currently available here in Japan. They’re 200 yen each, and have removable lenses. Pretty cool!

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