September shipment info: Mirrorless camera shipment increases over August (but lower than 12 months ago)


Image courtesy: Personal View

Despite a huge drop on the US market the overall worldwide mirrorless shipments keep growing compared to August. Particularly the European shipments had a big jump. But it’s still a long way to go before Mirrorless will catch up with DSLR sales. And The overall system camera market is still shrinking compared to 2013. Both DSLR and Mirrorless sales are lower compared to the same month 2013 :(

Full Cipa data here. More graphs at Personal View.

Olympus is really doing it: Patent discloses their new Lens-Camera!



A newly published Olympus patent (Source: Egami) discloses the design of a new “Lens-Camera”. It works just like the Sony QX lenscameras (here on eBay). I guess this kind of product will be announced soon as Olympus already showed a similar version with their Open Platform camera. This is Olympus answer to the dying compact camera market. But I really don’t know if that is really the right solution…

Image courtesy: ePhotozine

A bit of everything…

4K LX100 video by Panasonic Japan.

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Daniel:I just wanted to share with you a short video I created using the now very cheap GH3! I sure would love to upgrade to the GH4 but I would love to share what is still possible with what you have :)
I also have a updated photo gallery all shot with micro four third cameras!. I have own a Gf1, EM-5, and a GH-3. If you find my work of interest at all feel free to share. Thank you for your time. Photo gallery!members/citr. Video links and

TriNavi:Just wanted to let you know that the Panasonic LX100 and Leica D-lux will have only 50 euro price difference in, the largest retailer in Finland. The D-lux package includes Adobe Lightroom. With such small price difference, I think many will choose the Leica over the Panasonic even if they already have Lightroom.

Nicholas:The Olympus EM-5 never gets any love for its video quality but I think a lot of people tend to look at things from too high a vantage point.

Elvis: I’ve recently released my first feature film that was shot on the Pansonic GH3 (and the GH2 for a few scenes). It’s available free on Vimeo just in case you might want to share it in the “A bit of everything” posts!

James:A short film about despair, hope, and redemption which uses the GH3 and 12-35mm 2.8 lens for some key shots.

Olympus 40-150mm PRO review by MirrorlessLessons and Buchan Grant.

MirrorlessLessons (Click here) posted their full Olympus 40-150mm PRO lens review:

The lens gives excellent results in terms of sharpness, bokeh and versatility. It is certainly the biggest lens for MFT but don’t be fooled by its appearance. It is actually not that big for what it delivers.

Buchan Grant (Click here) also tested the new Olympus PRO lens:

In practical use, when teamed up with the in body stabilisation found in the OMD EM1, this lens offers the sort of usability and performance that shows what a jolly good idea it was for Olympus to go down the micro four thirds design route in the first place. That decision has led directly to innovations and products which are increasingly making traditional DSLR’s look like dinosaurs.

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