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April 16, 2014
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Big surprise: Panasonic may create the ultimate Light Field camera!

Panasonic Light Field sensor Patent No. 20140078259. Light Field forum coloured the most important elements.

Imagine a MIcro Four Thirds camera with a sensor capable of taking full sharp pictures and where focus points and bokeh will be determined in post production. Imagine a MFT Panasonic camera that can take pictures in a way where you can change the perspective(!) in postprocessing too. As most of you will know such a technique already exists and is used by Lytro cameras (here on eBay). They allow you to do this: CLick on the image to refocus and drag to change the perspective:

The current issues with Lytro cameras is that the resolution is very low. As Light Field Forum reports right now the maximum effective image resolution of 25 % the sensor’s resolution. Well the good news is that Panasonic latest Patent No. 20140078259 shows how Panasonic solved that problem. They created a technique to achieve 100%(!) of the sensor resolution by moving the lens array below the Pixel layer.

Light Field Forum writes:

In contrast to today’s microlens setups, the microlens array in this system lies behind the photosensitive layer. Thus, light rays first reach the imaging layer (1d in the figure below) and create a standard 2D image. They then pass through the microlens array (1a) and another layer which can be controlled to let light pass through or block it (1b). If allowed to pass through, they finally reach a reflective layer (1c) and are transmitted back to the photosensitive layer (1d) as a microlens-coded image.
By finely tuned control of layer 1b (transmitted light controlling layer), the camera can record both a full-resolution 2D image and a 4D light field image in rapid succession, collecting all the information necessary to reconstruct a full-resolution light field.
The authors note that the presented system is compatible with “every camera that uses a solid-state image sensor”, including “digital cameras, digital camcorders and other electronic cameras”.

I would love to have a Micro Four Thirds camera with such a unique sensor! And you?

Would you consider to buy a Ligh Field Micro Four Thirds camera?

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Found via Dicahub and Image Sensor World.


April 15, 2014
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Digital camera forecast for 2014: Growth for Mirrorless and Premium compacts.

Click on image to enlarge.

The Photokina organizers had a meeting in Japan and posted some of their slides. As you can see from these very interesting graphs the camera world is changing a lot! Not only do company have to face an economic crisis but there is also a change on the kind of devices used to take photographs. The graph do show us that:

- Non Pure Photographic devices are selling more while the classic camera sales are dropping
- DSLR sales will remain stable while there is a small growth expected from the mirrorless system camera sales for 2014.
- A small surprise is the huge increase of the premium compact camera market
- The compact camera market is dramatically shrinking

And there are still so many changes about to happen. For example how much impact on the camera market will devices like Google Glass have?

April 15, 2014
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a little bit of everything…

Des Moines in Winter from Brian Keairns on Vimeo.

Brian (video on top): “This is video shot with a variety of MFT gear (GH3, GX7, GM1, EM5) in case this is of interest. Thanks! Des Moines in Winter

Freezing Time With Flash (Betterfamilyphotos).
Voigtlander Lens 25mm f/0.95 Version II (ePhotozine).
Lens options for the GH4 at Suggestionofmotion.
GM1 test by Hybridcams.
Leica 15mm image samples at
Panasonic Lumix GM1 – Le test (Hybridcams).
Olympus neergy saving EVF patent at Egami. – the largerst polish community of dslr (and large sensor camera) filmmakers published GH4 videos:

Anonymous: These are the UK deals on the lower models:
- GM1 + 12-32 has £80 cash back (so goes from £569 to £489)
- GX7 + 14-42 kit you get the 20mm lens free! (£749 total)
- GX7 + 20mm kit you get the 12-32mm lens free! (£849 total)
so, you wouldn’t buy a GX7 body only at £689!!
Also, the GM1 comes as a kit with the new Leica 15mm



April 14, 2014
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a little bit of everything…(with do it yourself tilt shift lens).

Young Pop x HO5 Spring Break Session – 7 Laux from SwitchMag on Vimeo.

Julien (video on top): “These videos are shoot with Panasonic GH3 and Olympus primes: 12mm f2 and 45mm f1.8.

The Olympus E-M1 is a Real Enthusiasts Camera! (Thewanderinglensman).
Pulitzer winner Larry Price and his Olympus set (GetOlympus).
Lumix GX7 & Olympus 60mm on Flickr.
GX7 review at
Speed booster adapter (china) m42->Panasonic G6 test (Berlun).

Harri:I tough you might want to see and share my experiment with a Do-It-Yourself tilt-shift lens. One of the first pictures I took (a bus-station diorama effect) The lens s an old M42 Yashica 50/1.9 (special glass, so radioactive). Tilt made with a M43 extension tube and tape. No photoshopping.

April 13, 2014
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New firmware update for the Blackmagic MFT camera coming soon.

Blackmagic announced ont heir forum that they will release a new firmware update for the Blackmagic Cinema Camera (here on BH) and Pocket Cinema Camera (here on BH).

I know there are some concerns that we are no longer supporting the Blackmagic Cinema Camera or Pocket Cinema Camera. I just want to assure you that this is not the case.
Let me give you some background information about the development and why it is taking longer than expected.
The Blackmagic Cinema Camera was our very first foray into cameras and since then, we have shipped 3 more cameras, the Pocket Cinema Camera, Production 4K and the Studio Camera.

The original 2.5K camera had fundamental architectural differences in firmware compared to the other cameras which doubled the effort when trying to do any bug fixes or add new features to the cameras. As such, we knew we had to re-architect the firmware so as to bring it up to speed with the current cameras. This is not simple and taking longer than we thought. However, we are close now, close enough that beta versions have been seeded to some users for the past few months.

We should be able to see an update, as I’d mentioned in my post, to the 2.5K camera and Pocket Cinema Camera soon with the features below:
1. New debayering for shooting directly to ProRes or DNxHD on the Blackmagic Cinema Camera EF and MFT
2. Improved MFT lens support on the Pocket Cinema Camera
3. Compressed RAW support on the Production Camera 4K
4. Autofocus support for EF lenses on Blackmagic Cinema Camera EF and Production Camera 4K

What is also in this release are also certain hooks that are required for audio level metering and histogram display. It won’t be visible as yet but will allow us to quickly followup with an update to add these 2 tools we know you guys are asking for.
Let me also answer some other questions I’ve been asked below:
• Formatting of media
Yes, we want to do this. A large part of the work has been completed so I don’t believe this will be a big effort to implement. However, it is very unlikely that we will support deleting of clips directly in camera due to the risk of media fragmentation.
• Time Remaining indicator
Yes, this is going to happen. It’s probably in the next update or an update after.
• Black Sun effect
This is a fundamental characteristic of CMOS sensors. Some sensors have additional circuitry to try and overcome this and this was available in the Pocket Cinema Camera. Unfortunately, it is not in the 2.5K sensor. Also, black sun correct circuitry is also not an on/off switch and with some sensors, it may result in other unwanted artefacts so we have to be really careful about it. Another method of overcoming the black sun effect is via image processing after the image has been acquired and passed on from the sensor. This is basically running an algorithm to try and detect what looks like the black sun and just clipping the black areas. Again, this could result in false positives and if you have a pattern in the image that is similar to the black sun, it could mistakenly be “corrected” as well. As you can see, this is a tricky situation. We are not ignoring it, but working to see what is the best way to address this.

I hope this gives you more information about what we’re currently up to. I’m tempted to keep this thread locked as it tends to go off topic but I’ll leave it open for now. Please try and keep on topic.

Found via Cinema5D.

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