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December 24, 2012
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E-P3 superkit Christmas deal by Adorama.


The Olympus E-P3 with 14-42mm Lens and Olympus Mini-Messenger Bag and 8GB SDHC Card is for sale with a $400 discount for a final price of $499 only at Adorama (Click here). The E-P3 is officially marked as “discontinued” at Bhphoto!

More US deals:
The Panasonic G3 sells for $249 at Amazon (Click here).
Also the GH2 and GX1 are discounted and selling well according to Amazon ranking (Click here).

December 23, 2012
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Panasonic GX1 kit deal, X zoom price drop, 17mm 1.8 and GH3 in Stock.

There is a new deal on the GX1. You can get it with the Black X kit lens + T-Dimension AU SAA Power Cord / Adaptor + T-Dimension 3.0 LCD Protector + T-Dimension Cleaning Cloth for $582 at T-Dimension on eBay (Click here). There are many GX deals coming and going all the time. The GX2 really can’t be far away from the announcement. And to get notified on new GX1 deal on eBay just login and save this search at Slidoo (if needed change country in settings). The Silver GX1 X kit is in Stock for $499 at Amazon (Click here).

35-100mm X:
The $100 rebate on the Panasonic X zoom is now available by Amazon (Click here) itself!

The Gh3 is still out of Stock in regular stores like Amazon and BH. But some are auctions keep coming on eBay. Also in that case login and save that search on Slidoo to get notified.

17mm 1.8:
There is one single lens for sale via Popflash (Click here). Save that search on Slidoo to get notifications.

December 22, 2012
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$100 off on the 35-100mm X at Panacam Amazon.

There is a $100 discount on the 35-100mm X lens via Panacam at Amazon US (Click here). They also sell the other 12-35mm X zoom for $1050 (Click here).

And two E-M5 marked as “new unused” are being sold for $879 at Cameraland (via Slidoo).

December 21, 2012
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Amazon: It’s Panasonic Lighnting deal day! GF3,GF5,G5,GX1 discounts.

Santa Claus offers you a last chance to grab one of the four(!) Panasonic Lightning deals at Amazon (Click here to see them all). Looks like Panasonic wants to clear all the GF/G/GX camera stock they still have left :)

I can hear my European readers crying. So here are some Panasonic deals:
GF3 can be found for a low price on eBay (via Slidoo). For example the normal 14-42mm kit version for 270 Euro on eBay UK (Click here) and the 14-42mm X kit for $429 on eBay IT (Click here).
GF5 on eBay (via Slidoo). Black Kit with 14-42mm lens for 419 at eBay FR (Click here). X kit for 549 at eBay DE (Click here).

December 20, 2012
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New G3 and GF5 Gold Box deals…

Short break form the busy rumor day. There is a new G3 and GF5 Lightning deal at Amazon US (Click here).

And for German readers: One 17mm f/1.8 lens is in Stock at TopFoto eBay (Click here). There is only one. To get notified when new 17mm 1.8 auctions will be online save that Slidoo search (you have to be a member to save it and set your root country).

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