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March 22, 2013
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New GF Gold Box deal (and Canon SL1 vs MFT size comparison).


Before to start to talk about the new minuaturization step taken by Canon and Panasonic we have three GF deals to report:
1) Brown GF3 + 14mm Gold Box deal at Amazon (Click here).
2) White GF3 with 14mm pancake and free soft case for $299 at Adorama (Click here).
3) GF5 with 14-42mm kit lens for $399 at Amazon (via third party reseller).
4) Plenty of deals on all GF + X lens kits on eBay. GX1X (Slidoo eBay), GF3X (Slidoo eBay) and GF5X (Slidoo eBay).

New Canon SL1 vs Panasonic GH3 size comparison via

With the new GF camera that will be announced in early April Panasonic will step out from the miniaturization war like they already did with the GH3. But Canon seems to think that the miniaturization is still the way to go and as you see from the size comparison on top the new Canon SL1 APS-C DSLR is smaller than the Panasonic GH3. Yep, the world turned up side down and we have DSLR cameras that are smaller than Mirrorless cameras :)
That said I prefer a DSLR or “DSLR styled”  like the GH3 to be big enough for ergonomic reasons. For me the SL1 size makes no real sense. It still doens’t fit in a pocket like a GF5 with pancake lens and you miss the usual advantage of a DSLR like having a nice grip and clear and easy to access button layout. That said I want to hold the Sl1 in my hands before to draw any conclusion.

March 21, 2013
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US deal of the day: Demo 75mm f/1.8 lens for $799!

The Olympus 75mm f/1.8 lens is certainly the best performing Micro Four Thirds lens to date. That’s why it is almost impossible to see price drops on that lens. But I finally found a way to save $100 by purchasing one of the eight available lens sold right now by CameraLand on eBay (Click here). And you also have nine 60mm macro Demo lenses (you save $50). These are “Demo” lenses and here is the original text from Cameraland: “As one of the largest Olympus dealers in the USA we are happy to offer this great lens at a super price. We recently had an Olympus event and these were opened and demo’d for the day. They can all pass as new and come with a 1 year USA warranty“. Sounds great!

To get further notifications about eBay deals on that lens save that Slidoo eBay US search. And here is the Slidoo eBay Europe search with two lenses sold for 797 Euro in France.

Why is the lens so good? Just read the reviews at Tyson Robichaud (Click here), DxOmark (Click here) and ePhotozine :)

March 20, 2013
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Panasonic GH3 in Stock at BHphoto.

The GH3 is now in Stock at BHphoto (Click here) too!

The GH3 is already in Stock for days now at Adorama (Click here) and Samys (Click here).. Adorama also offers some GH3 + accessory kits (Click here). It is surprisingly still not in Stock at Amazon but at least you can play with their new Lens Finder Tool at Amazon (Click here) to kill the time until it will be back in Stock :)

March 19, 2013
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G5 kit for $399. E-M5 price drop. GX1 super canadian deal

Only for today you can grab the G5 with kit lens for $399 at (Click here). That’s a $100 saving over the price at Amazon (where it is the most sold mirrorless camera).

And there are only a few E-M5 kits for $1169 via Sunset at Amazon. In Black (Click here) and Silver (Click here).

But the top deal of the day is going on in Canada: You can grab the GX1, both Sigma MFT lenses, a Holster Case and an SD card for $769.99 (you save $454.94) at Henrys (Click here).

Reminder: LX7 for $299 at Amazon (Click here).

March 18, 2013
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GF5 with X lens for $379 at Groupon.

The GF5 with X kit lens sells for $379 at Groupon (Click here) or $399 at Amazon (Click here). By deducting the price of the 14-42mm X lens you get the GF5 for $70 only!

The GF7 is coming soon (in April).

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