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July 27, 2013
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Panasonic G6 in Stock at Samys (and via Samys at Amazon).


The G6 is right now in Stock at Samys (Click here) and Amazon (via Samys). As usual in USA Panasonic is a bit slow in delivering enough cameras to the US market. Olympus is already shipping the E-p5 with no delay but it seems like the camera isn’t selling that good on Amazon (ranking here). I guess most of the people will now wait for the Panasonic GX7 instead…

P.S.: Stillv alid, The $299 for the G5

July 26, 2013
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Blackmagic Pocket will ship in 3-4 days in small quantities. G5 for $299.


There was a Blackmagic event in LA and Ogy Stoilov at MRP Films confirms the news saying the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera will ship in 3-4 days in small quantities (preorders here at BHphoto). News via Nofilmschool.

More US deals:
Panasonic G5 is shipping for $299 via Roberts at Amazon US (18 left in Stock).
Panasonic Lumix G Vario 45-150 for 169.99 at MZgamers (1 left in Stock).
Black E-M5 body for $894 at Amazon US (3 left in Stock).
Olympus E-Pl3 with kit lens for $240 at newegg (enter code “EMCXNVR93″).

July 24, 2013
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Price drop: Panasonic 12-35mm X lens for $999.

The price for the the Panasonic 12-35mm X lens just dropped down to $99 thankt to top rated seller MZgamers on eBay (Click here).

Speaking of high quality zoom I do hope Olympus-Panasonic will learn the lesson from Sigma. Their new 18-35mm f/1.8 zoom not only is terrific fast, but also of very high quality. And all that for $799 (Amazon price). I hope they will acknowledge that!

More deals:
All Olympus E-P5 kit variations in Stock at Amazon (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here).
Brand new SanDisk 16GB SDHC Extreme Class 10 UHS-1 Memory Card in Stock at BHphoto (Click here).

July 22, 2013
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Panasonic 5 year warranty and Samyang 300mm for MFT now shipping in Germany.

Two short good news:

1) The Wallimex 300mm MFT lens is now in Stock at Amazon Germany (Click here).

2) Panasonic Germany also extended the warranty to five years(!).

ALmost forgot: Panasonic GF5 with 14-42mm lens for 267 Euro at Pixmania (Click here).

July 21, 2013
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USA: The OMD deals roundup….

As I told you before a new OMD camera will be announced in mid September. I still dont’ have FT5 rumors to share but in the meantime so nice price drops on the current E-M5 can be found in US stores:
Black body for $869.95 at Sunset Electronics (Click here) and $894 at Amazon (Click here).
Black body with 14-42mm lens for $986 at Big Value (Click here).
Black body with 12-50mm lens for $980 at KeepHerHappy (Click here). Don’t know if you can trust a new seller with that name :)

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