Amazon: It’s Panasonic Lighnting deal day! GF3,GF5,G5,GX1 discounts.


Santa Claus offers you a last chance to grab one of the four(!) Panasonic Lightning deals at Amazon (Click here to see them all). Looks like Panasonic wants to clear all the GF/G/GX camera stock they still have left :)

I can hear my European readers crying. So here are some Panasonic deals:
GF3 can be found for a low price on eBay (via Slidoo). For example the normal 14-42mm kit version for 270 Euro on eBay UK (Click here) and the 14-42mm X kit for $429 on eBay IT (Click here).
GF5 on eBay (via Slidoo). Black Kit with 14-42mm lens for 419 at eBay FR (Click here). X kit for 549 at eBay DE (Click here).

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