UPDATED: New Panasonic GH2 videos (Slow Motion test)


New Slow Motion video taken with the Panasonic GH2

There is also a new awesome video from Bruce Dale. I am not allowed to emed it so click here to see it: Northern Michigan Shores from Bruce Dale on Vimeo.

A dpreview forum user reported that “Today in photokina i had the opportunity to test the new GH2 with the 14mm f2.5 , 14-140mm…, new 3D lens and 100-300mm and also with the old 20mm 1.7 just to compare. well AF with 14-140mm and 14mm f2.5 its really a turbo, it focus so fast then you dont see any lag time… (14-140mm is faster a little). the 14mm behave really good…much more faster then the 20mm 1.7 (also on GH2 its crappy slow and noise like on my GH1 …maybe a little faster ..bot not so much..).I think its a problem of the lens not of the body. 100-300mm af is fast…not so much 3-4 times slower fast then the 14-140mm also when you use the last part of zoom …
btw the GH2 AF its also faster then the Pentax K-5 / Olympus E-5 Sony A55 canon 5D MII that i tested today (altough i must admit E-5 its very very fast). Also the 3D lens its fast emoticon – smile pity its a crappy 64mm FOV ! and record images only at 3mp !

More about the GH2 here: The Panasonic GH2’s own ‘mud-gate’ (EosHD)


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