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Travis sent me the video and wrote the following text:
Here is a video showing the issue with the Auto and Intelligent ISO settings in the GF1. The issue is that those settings will use ISO 100 unless the shutter speed is 1/30 of a second or less in Picture priority, Aperture Priority, and Full manual modes.

The only mode that Auto ISO works in is the shutter priority mode which is not available with manual focus lenses.

The interesting thing is that the “Sports Scene” mode uses Intelligent ISO and it works perfectly. It doesn’t start using ISO 100 until the shutter speed is faster than at least 1/100 of a second. It works with MF lenses. However, it does not offer the some other settings that the P.A.S.M modes do.

Hopefully, Panasonic will issue firmware to correct this problem for the GF1.
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