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July 30, 2014
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Super US deal: Panasonic GF2 for $99 only!!!


This is quite a deal: For a very limited time you can grab the Panasonic GF2 for $99 only at Adorama (Click here). I think that’s the cheapest price ever seen for a new MFT body!
Adorama also has some other limited time deals:

Olympus VR-370 16mp Digital Camera
$69 (Regular $129)

Kodak Memory:
Kodak ” 2 Pack ” 8GB Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) Memory Card. – “Hassle Free Packaging”
$5.00 (Regular $9.90)

Kodak 4GB microSD Class 4 Memory Card for Camera Phones
$2.95 (Regular $3.95)

Kodak “2 Pack” 16GB Class 4 microSD Memory Card
$10 (Regular $13.90)

Transcend 32GB SDHC Class 10 UHS-I 300X Premium Memory Card
$14.95 (Regular $16.95)


May 9, 2014
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Still some GH4 in Stock at Ritz Camera! And how to get the GF2 for $49 only!

The only US store having the GH4 in Stock is Ritz Camera (Click here). European and Asian readers can grab the GH4 at Digitalrev (2-3 weeks shipment).

And an anonymous reader just told me you can grab the GF2 for additional $49 only when you buy the GH3 at Adorama (and then click on the “save up to $150 with bundle”) link.

extra $100 gift card offered on the GX7/GH3/GM1 cameras at Adorama (Click here).
Preorders of the 4K recorder Atomos Shogun (here at BHphoto).
First English GX7/GM1 book written by our readers Rob Knight on Amazon US (Click here).
All current Olympus US deals can be seen on that GetOlympus page (Click here).
The Panasonic GX7 with kit lens now sells for $899 only at Amazon US (Click here).
The Panasonic GF6 with kit lens now sells for extremely lo $347 at Amazon US (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here).

April 5, 2014
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E-PM2 kit for $249. GF2 kit for $299.

If you want the sensor of the E-M5 for a very low price you can grab on of these three E-PM2 kits on eBay US (Click here). $249 for a mini E-M5 :)

Panasonic GF2 with 14mm kit for $299 at Amazon in Black (Click here), Red (Click here) or Silver (Click here).
All current Olympus deals can be read at that page on Amazon (Click here) and GetOlympus (Click here).

April 3, 2014
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Reminder: Get the GF2 with 14mm pancake for $299. This is $25 less than you pay for lens only!

If you are going tu buy the Panasonic 14mm lens you may get the GF2 with 14mm lens kit instead. It will cost you around $25 less than the sole lens! You can grab the kit for $299 at Amazon in Black (Click here), Red (Click here) or Silver (Click here).

24 horus deal at eBay: Lexar Platinum II Class 10 16GB SDHC Memory Card (3 Pack) with Bonus Card Wallet at eBay US (Click here).

March 13, 2014
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Great GF2 deal at Adorama. And new Panasonic DMW-FL580L Flash for preorder.

The new Panasonic GH4 is still selling very well according to Amazon US DSLR (yes DSLR!) ranking. But there is also another new Panasonic product: The new Panasonic DMW-FL580L Flash is now available for pre-orders at Adorama (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here).

And Adorama has also a great deal on the almost forgotten GF2 :)
The Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF2 with Panasonic 14mm f/2.5 Lens is now only $349.00! Take into account that the lens sells for $322.95 on its own! You can order it in Black (Click here), Silver (Click here) or Red (Click here).

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