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August 13, 2013
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Olympus E-5 now marked as discontinued. Was likely the last FT camera?



Right before the new High End OMD announcement the Olympus E-5 has been marked as discontinued at BHphoto (Click here). The new High End Micro Four Thirds OMD will replace the E-5. Short simple question: Is this the official end of the Four Thirds Camera system?

September 15, 2011
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Summer savings! Olympus E-5 $200 discount + PEN and lens deals!

The most expensive of all Olympus camea got a huge $200 discount which will last until Spetember 17! You can get the E-5 now for $1499 at Amazon (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here).

And there is $50 discount on the E-Pl2 too! Again available here Amazon (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here).

And there are price drops on some m43 lenses too:
-$50 Olympus M.Zuiko 9-18mm Digital at Amazon (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here).
-$50 Olympus M.Zuiko 14-150mm Digital at Amazon (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here).
-$100 on the Olympus 75-300mm at Amazon (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here).

September 13, 2011
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Olympus E-5 and Panasonic LX5 firmware update.

Today it’s firmware update party! Also Olympus announced a new Olympus E-5 firmware: “Firmware version 1.2 ensures the movement of the dial on the optional HLD-4 battery grip matches the movement of the selected AF point.“. You need the Olympus Digital Camera Updater software to upgrade the E-5:

It is not a Micro Four Thirds camera but many on 43rumors do own it and the news is worthy to be posted :)
Panasonic released a major firmware upgrade for the Panasonic LX5 high end compact camera. You can download it here:

The main changes are:
Auto Focus speed-up.
[HIGH ISO NR] has been added to the [REC] menu.
Improved auto white balance performance.
[ACTIVE MODE] has been added to the [MOTION PICTURE] menu.
The AF/AE Lock operated by half-pressing the shutter button has been improved.
When [MF] is set, you can make fine adjustments to the focus using a simpler operation than before.
The position and size of the AF area you have set are now stored.
The upper limit of the shutter speed in Manual Exposure Mode has been raised. (Max 250 seconds approximately)
[MINIATURE EFFECT] has been added to My Colour Mode.
[MONITOR] / [VIEWFINDER] has been added to the [SETUP] menu.

And those are the direct LX5 search links at Amazon, Adorama, B&H, J&R, eBay.

August 8, 2011
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(FT3) Olympus E-50 coming soon???

Now that’s a surprise! I finally got a Four Thirds (not Micro FT) rumor from a known source :)

He contacted me to say that Olympus developed a new E-50 camera. He didn’t share any details but he said it will be on market within the next couple of months. As you might remember the ex-chief from Olympus Watanabe already stated that Olympus will continue to develop single and double digit Four Thirds cameras. The E-50 will replace the current Olympus E-30. At least that would be a concrete sign that Four Thirds is still alive!

Click those links to see the current E-30 price and availability: Amazon, Adorama, B&H, J&R, eBay.

May 1, 2011
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Olympus E-5 review and Panasonic 14mm vs 20mm bokeh comparison.

Bob Atkins posted the Olympus E-5 review on (Click here): “In this price class (under $1700) it goes up against cameras like the Canon EOS 7D, which has a larger sensor, more pixels, 1080HD video, a faster frame rate and ISO setting up to 12800. The E-5 is more expensive then either the EOS 60D or Nikon D7000, both of which also have larger sensors, more pixels and higher ISOsettings (with lower noise), along with a much wider range of available lenses (including extensive 3rd party support). Of course there’s much. much more to a camera than counting pixels or even sensor size, but those cameras would still have to be strong contenders in this price class (perhaps along with the Pentax K-5) for those who are not current Four-Thirds system users.”
Get the E-5 at Amazon, Adorama, B&H, J&R, eBay.

M43photo.blogspot (Click here) compared the Panasonic 14mm and 20mm bokeh performance: “The 20mm pancake lens shows the most non-circular highlights…the 14mm pancake has the most consistent appearance.
Direct links to the 20mm lens at Amazon, Adorama, B&H, J&R, eBay.
Direct links to the 14mm lens at Amazon, Adorama, B&H, J&R, eBay.

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