43rumors readers work summary (what do you like most?)


Here is a new list of work done by our 43rumors readers using m43 cameras/lenses. Enjoy!

1) Konstantin (author of the video on top):I’m one of your followers –  a student filmmaker with a GH2. Here a link to my upcoming documentary project shot 100% with that camera http://vimeo.com/26498495

2) Openpn: “Here is a tumblr we’ve opened and where we are posting every day (until the end of August) one ore more pictures taken with a brand new E-P3 and M. Zuiko 12/2.0! (update every day at 19:59 Paris) : http://openpn.tumblr.com/

3) Nicolas:A photo reportage on Uruguay celebrations after winning the Copa America football championship, probably the most popular sports tournament in South America, and one of the most watched TV events in the world. In the aftermath of the final victory, thousands of Montevideans flooded downtown streets in an spontaneous celebration that lasted for several hours: http://www.nico-foto.com/uruguay-wins-copa-america-2011/

4) Christoph:Before I shamelessly promote myself, here is a great photographer using the E-5: http://www.flickr.com/photos/14380877@N05/page2/ I really love his colour landscape photography! My shots have mostly been taken in Japan, Australia and Afrika (with some from Germany), using E-620, E-5 and E-PL1. I do nature and culture photography with some landscape work: http://www.focx.de

5) Mark: “I have a photo blog of images that are almost all taken with Panasonic 4/3rd’s cameras. I try to post a couple of new photos every week. www.mtoal.wordpress.com

6) Ashley:Saw you posted work done by other readers with m4/3 gear, specifically the GH2.  I’m a cinematographer outside of Austin, Texas and we almost exclusively use the Panasonic GH2 for our production needs.  Here’s an example of one such video shot on the GH2 for the John Newcombe Tennis Academy…  http://www.vimeo.com/22627848

7) Franco:Almost all photos were made with Olympus E-620, E-450, E-510 and E-410. www.francobuttiglieri.com

8) Mikko:A bit of shameless self-promotion, but as there were other people on A list of work done by our readers (using m43 gear!) doing the same I thought “what the heck”.
So. I’ve been shooting a GF1+20mm f1.7-combo exclusively since last november. Pics and words (in Finnish, sorry) at http://fotomik.blogspot.com/

9) Dave:shot my first wedding on an e620, e510 and ep1 in may: an animoto slideshow can be seen at www.davefletcherphotography.com/weddings

10) Jim:I wanted to let you know about my series of night photos ‘Crystal Silence’ that I am shooting with a GH2. To make these images I wander the quiet night, observing what light and shadow simultaneously reveal and conceal.  I have posted Crystal Silence on the crowd-funding site Kickstarter in order to raise the necessary funds to slowly drive across the United States to finish shooting this project.  I’d greatly appreciated you letting your readers know about my project. Funding on Kickstarter is all-or-nothing and the deadline is coming up only one week from today! Crystal Silence on Kickstarter can be found here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/851167361/crystal-silence

11) Reality Scanner: “Olympus E-P3 with many “Dramatic Effects”: http://www.flickr.com/photos/realityscans/sets/72157627090203570/

12) Adam:If you ever want to show some additional micro 43s work by your users feel free to post my flickr photostream: http://www.flickr.com/photos/baderadam/. I really only started to take an interest in photography since I got my E-PL1 and I’ve been working to improve my work over the past year and half.  Really happy with the little camera, it’s been a fun new hobby for me.

13) Daniel:I have a blog where I only post pictures taken with Olympus E-P2 and various lenses (that are tagged so you can see what lens I have used). You can at least take a look if you have some spare-time…http://pen2pix.blogspot.com/

14) Acahaya: “I took some C-AF sample shots of the Munich Eisbach Surfers with the E-P3 and kit lens/12mm. The link to the Flickr set is http://www.flickr.com/photos/hypselodoris/sets/72157627310042503/. The set description contains info about lication, settings and my conclusion.”

15) Giovanni: I don’t know if you already know “Strap photos”, a collective that shots only with the PEN line of Olympus cameras. Here is their photoblog.


Editor’s note: Feel free to comment those works. Which one did you like most? And If you find nice work done with m43 stuff feel free to send me the links! Keep in midn that it might takes days or weeks before I do post them here on 43rumors! So please be patient! Thanks!


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